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Interviewer : What skills do you have ?

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95 points

Pulling a Matthew Mcconaunghey

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113 points

One Apple a day...

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85 points


Preview f060b09c 58de 430e b650 d381960993d4
102 points

What a night

Preview d80ac294 82ef 4264 b4ac 43ddbd5faf6d

Cats be like

Preview b8d7997d 1c01 4fb5 9dcb 7682bb81e20d
53 points

This suck, military version.

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161 points

I'm spinning around Move out of my way I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like it like this I'm breakin' it down I'm not the same.. 🎵🎶

Preview a40b2608 c26e 4a54 9e88 2ef3450899fd
119 points

No one reads this.

Preview a9ae84b9 f231 462a 9c49 2d37974330e0
55 points

Hey pal

Preview 430b6397 737e 4841 bd87 bb782e08dceb
116 points

Nooooo! Not like that...

Preview f548398f 30e8 4a74 bb92 9367dfea1703
51 points

I mean It's just moon over sun.

Preview 654aa052 f4f7 4e3d 91ad eb51d2c8a44a
122 points

You are who you choose to be..

Preview 6ad7e617 78b4 45d4 a9cb b4d6768795d7

Never forgetti

Preview 7563144c 7c0c 456e 9de8 8b246470752b
101 points

If only

Preview be055f4e 56c1 4e08 b179 eae5897a1d49

When a girl wears yoga pants at the gym

Preview 098662c9 1265 4f69 9928 c7110dcf1509
388 points

Why read this? Focus on my comic

Preview 6e42bf28 af89 4e3c a418 4ef674390b55
48 points

Been waiting for my new phone from amazon. damn thing is taking its sweet ass time delivering it

Preview 7807d367 2072 4d80 ac68 5ccd23ad8be0
116 points

Too soon?

Preview 1d11ab82 ffc8 4e55 8de2 7be430f2a153
55 points

Just Smile

Preview a93f5c6a bd83 429b b524 d44d8455a150
136 points

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