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They should release the green suit cut. I'd watch it.

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94 points

When she asks you to open the jar of pickles

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58 points

Winter can be a rough time

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51 points

If you f**k a girl that's gay because she has 50% of her dads genes

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70 points

The Cera-Berg Evolutions

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75 points

Or you're just stupid

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81 points

The now extinct Short-Faced Bear. Scientists speculate these Giants delayed Human migration into North America.

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75 points

WTF is happening here?

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71 points

In Berne, Switzerland I found a statue of a man eating babies.

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23 points

Relieve stress: Any Time, Any Place

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82 points

when you fight through all the levels of tech support and reach the final boss

Preview bdc53bc0 db01 4960 904b 2a4628dc2964
75 points

Singosari Temple, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Go look around, ill give you guys free guide if u stop by :)

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Balut Ice Cream

Preview 1285cdbe 1335 47b7 87a9 6571972c76f3
24 points

What is this? Spooky object found under the microwave.

Preview a9572475 9c89 4f47 9c11 114ec2463348
20 points

It's even more fun over the phone...

Preview e3df64fc 05b7 4a9f 9bf9 55578b2b5b60
24 points

Awesome Details in Sculpture. Just amazing.

Preview 6cc82c5a ab37 4d56 a283 5c2fc830a25c
44 points

1320 ton statue of the Chinese god of war, Guan Yu

Preview 1343e4d4 a4fa 4897 a126 596c84e2fccd
32 points

What is attached to this dudes junk?

Preview 330461ac 2ce2 48e1 b310 10d8be526c46
23 points

Someone pls

Preview 15e6d970 982b 4e1f a0a1 5841e0a0dc4f
17 points

Life was just easier in the good o'l days

Preview e3a8c61a 6d99 4a92 8326 d43fc927d2d9

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