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That Is EPIC

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11 points

Or they think you are fool

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18 points

Personal care is first

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10 points

Don't be too helpful

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13 points

Dragon fireplace

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8 points

Thanks for your service.

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11 points

Whittled Down

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5 points

Located in Siberia, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, honouring the sacrificed animals for the generic research.

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18 points

A lady in my local "For Sale" group on Facebook is trying to sell this for $75

Preview 2d42c174 baec 4902 b80d a75ac4aca37d
16 points

A Peruvian corpse.

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15 points

At least you tried

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9 points

If they will make a Movie of The Witcher. They already know who to call, its.. -Mads Mikkelsen-

Preview d1c345fe e092 4d76 ab85 45f08a107d8f

Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Preview ecf6f77e 808b 4adf b4d7 150d39c5df4b
12 points

Old butt gold.

Preview f0769cd1 6efb 47dc 9577 dacd510eabf9
2 points

"Melting" Art Sculpture

Preview ce70e8c4 941e 460b 9d99 1386b5826bae
14 points


Preview fc2e08bd 1d52 416f b876 9bd30413800a
14 points

Old butt gold

Preview a907dd41 c3c6 4570 850b df23f0fa0b0e
1 points

The tree-zone

Preview 4098c9e2 f2e3 41d1 90bc cff8e5e5fc82
13 points

Broken Dreams.....

Preview 60c56352 9a24 445b b1d7 3abe6084c39f
12 points

Continuous handrail carving

Preview 9653b058 1b52 44f5 9ebf d4bc46d0838d
10 points

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