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It was heads down :/

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Feeling croissant

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21 points

This still relevant?

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64 points

Get back here you.

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Street art in my city. Finland

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17 points

Where is the love?

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A 3D rendering from an actual “curb stomped” homeless man from last Friday night.

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21 points

Badass af.

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"Sorry sir, that is a prohibited area."

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Sneks <3

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66 points

Give him the old 'wanker yanker'!

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78 points

Botanical gardens of Montreal are cool

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15 points

How do I title this post without getting in trouble?

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15 points

Adam Martinakis, Puente

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24 points

Van Gogh a man before his time

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13 points

Not sure what I was expecting when I googled baby centipedes...

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17 points

This mailbox

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20 points

Statue in South Korea commemorating Dong chim or the "Poop Needle" game

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1 points

This statue is beautiful..but its creepy af as well

Preview cae3a55d aadb 4cd6 bf61 50d1ce81dc7d


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