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Please don't fall :|

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This Crab with a lobster tail washed up on my local beach today

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Saw the post with the diving girl and thought about this pic i took almost two years ago

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I think this one was pretty good timed, heh, my mom, my brother and his friend

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Taken at the beach, bird flew by at just the right moment

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Snapped just before she broke the water, thought it was cool

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Perfectly timed fall in the ocean.

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Viva la resitance

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A surfer catching air

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Eye contact is important

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Surprise wave into a pool - Bondi Beach, Sydney 🇦🇺

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Trying to get a picture with a trout I caught

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Kingfisher frozen in ice

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This might have been posted here before, but it is so good i had to post it just in case ;)

Preview 16286926 ed8f 46c7 ae91 cd7b57bade05

Mama Freighter nursing her young

Preview cce87e15 a587 4a4e bcce 90bdbd0077d5
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Come at me bro

Preview 1b6e2159 2008 44be b3d4 3d84502eacdd

Santa Barbara dining/living room with a view

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Zero fucks were given that day

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My olympic talent

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Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

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