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Just a bird catching a chip

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When you forget to switch to your summer uniform

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100 points

Mountain momma

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74 points

What the Fish !!

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Aberdeen, Scotland has such a jerk problem they had to release a pamphlet

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The art of fitting in

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76 points

The inside of this pelican's mouth and his penis looking epiglottis or whatever??

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149 points

Eye contact is important

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70 points

Inside a bird's gullet.

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Steller's Sea Eagle eating on the go

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Interacting with ducks: Rule 1

Preview e5bc6988 4e2c 450e 98ae e9c6f874858c
80 points

Ready for takeoff

Preview ff620747 8aec 491c 82fe ef30209abc3b

This fish is mine!

Preview cd9f35f0 94a0 4f1a bfc7 105520c138a8

2 half heart

Preview 24605253 59f9 4311 930b 41fea8349061

Gypsies get robbed too

Preview e4e5e17b 06d3 478f 9576 fd931be23a6c
44 points

Hello god? I want to report there's a bug in a zoo

Preview f1ce5535 60ff 4f33 b523 9cc40465bbbe
100 points

My fishes

Preview 5ddf165c e628 4afa b1bc 725699ee672b
55 points

When you ask your mom to wake you up early

Preview 9d64efa0 737a 4ba5 baf8 cb077ee34400
60 points

Not all vegans are stupid.

Preview cb67251a a8eb 4d41 814d 916324e2e0af
104 points

Don't sit in front of the computer all day, go outside and enjoy nature

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