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57 points

Holiday Headhugger

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84 points

My mate just got Nando's and realised a few bites in he got free salmonella

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88 points

found in Coles brand "chicken necks"

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84 points

Whole Foods literally has everything

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70 points

A chunk of dirt that was struck by lightning and turned to glass

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75 points

Cross section of agate mineral - looks like an ocean landscape.

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That Crab is Pissed!

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Fried Tarantula

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38 points

Chicken paws??? Who the fuck eats this?

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I just got this pen case from South Korea. I like the attention to detail of the inside of the case ... :)

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21 points

Magical creature

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That's the last time I buy imported shrimp

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12 points

Leatherback sea turtle mouth

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70 points

I understand now how Jesus fed so many people with so little fish

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132 points

This fish had seen some really deep shit!

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At least take the skin off...

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15 points

The rare Greenland Halibut

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