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Sea foam

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Sailors on deck of the a French Ballistic Missle Submarine.

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18 points

Austronesian Natives spearfish for dinner.

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19 points

Germans be like

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We welcome you

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15 points

Argamum fortress,Dobrogea,Romania

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Not too shabby

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15 points

Simply Amazing

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10 points

Natural pool in Kauai, Hawaii

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17 points

Before the wave crash

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Never give up. Never surrender. 1970's

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Frozen melting ice looks like a cloud raining.

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12 points

People in Brazil just saved this stranded whale, after 24 hours on the sand!

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20 points

I see your Monterrey Stadium & LaVell Edwards Stadium and raise you Henningsvaer Stadion, Lofoten Islands (Norway)

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11 points

Poop tail

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Geirangerfjorden, Norway

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A lake above ocean of the faroe islands!

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16 points

Surf's up!

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15 points

Fort Boyard. For those who loved the show.

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