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Real tree leaf carved by me

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My Dad took this photo on his lunchtime walk at work the other day. The last autumn leaves had fallen by the lake (Perth, Australia).

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15 points

spruce needle

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WTF: Would You Eat Fried Maple Leaves?

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The image of the 1400-year-old Ginkgo tree after it leaves its leaves.

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14 points

Bird upon takeoff

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Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

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A frozen geyser

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Southern hemisphere right now. And I don't have a pool cover

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3200 year old tree

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112 points

Unlucky Swan

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76 points

What did you see first? (Potato)

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Adult Swim Releases "Rick And Morty" Exclusive Season 3 Opening Scene, Watch It Here


Australian christmas tree decorations

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208 points

Tooked me 35 minutes to clean it.

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98 points

Lemme show you how to make fire

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204 points

Wish I partied that hard

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178 points

Playing Angry Birds in Russia

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77 points

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees a face in the trees.

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