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Attention to detail: fireplace accents, accessories and new lighting fixtures fill this large space at this vacation home in Promontory Club, Utah

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Green accents, a hand painted willow mural, and huge windows in an apartment on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

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6 points

Large kitchen and dining area features exposed brick, light oak floors and a long granite island in this home located in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

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8 points

Cats are such pricks!

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12 points

Light filled living space of the 'Indigo Slam' residence. Chippendale, NSW, Australia

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10 points

Today I flew on the set of a nightmare.

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10 points

Girlfriends dog cockblocks me every time we have sex

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Sat down with a sketchbook and started drawing my living room

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14 points

Just my dream room

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13 points

Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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11 points

Scandinavian style attic apartment uses and open plan design with a vaulted ceiling and exposed joists.

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7 points

Gothic windows and traditional feature tiles frame the kitchen and dining space of the historic Ebenezer Methodist Chapel in Forest-in-Teesdale, England.

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7 points

It's been warm today in England!

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The curved interior of the Grotto Sauna in Toronto emulates Lake Huron's waves and retains optimum views of the landscape.

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12 points

Lobby bar at the Hotel Emma. Old brewery turned into a boutique hotel. Lighting fixture is an old bottle capping mechanism. San Antonio, TX

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9 points

Which one ripped out all the stuffing of the new toy?

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Bad luck Brian's car

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94 points

Dinning room + swimming pool in Mitti Street

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133 points

United has learned from their mistakes. These now come complimentary under every seat..

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3 points

Awesome studio in Washington D.C.

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