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3D Floor Tiles

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17 points

Dachshund sitting in living room layered with mid-century design furniture and wallpaper.

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66 points

These chairs at McDonalds

Preview 3a1ab8ba 028e 40fe 80d5 4003f5968644
68 points

A living room in The Netherlands

Preview 421194cd 8ab5 4901 9167 91d8316ad5a1
79 points

Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward

Preview 102e93d4 51e0 4d32 8e2a 3482700ec81e
95 points

This parking job

Preview 59a90fe1 1e0b 4877 9dee 306596816237

A Paris duplex

Preview d0769a5e fb4f 4670 bb90 6ffdee5eeef6
19 points

He saw it coming

Preview 649ba1ca bfd7 473f b818 80eb745fd28f
85 points

Early 20th century room with a view, Tjøme

Preview 76cd7727 0db2 46e9 b92d 0cd17a4acf84
39 points

Wakatipu Edge, Queenstown, NZ

Preview 7020c088 68b3 495f a9ac 5965db7b790b
52 points

This seats taken

Preview 4e013e21 ecd8 4fbd a77d d0d5baa880e7

The new desks at our university library fit Reich in

Preview 0933c3cb e947 424d 8474 e337d0d517ed
59 points


Preview 00087d27 b42a 4e1e 8290 6436ebf3254e
54 points

Mixed message

Preview 28fe06bb 17b3 4093 a844 378fa5b2c5d5
51 points

The clever layering of different objects and periods, including a beautiful, custom brass staircase, identifies the Talisman style in this London home.

Preview 82be4927 cdd9 475a 9b19 780fe6e7f9bb
68 points

When you want an upgrade but don’t wanna forget where you came from

Preview a79cc8b9 07cf 4b13 9d2e 454bf9c9164f
94 points

That one time someone missed

Preview 7e46c01b 65fc 428a addc cba9463ab591
78 points

Always up for a challenge

Preview dc0f887d 3407 4e3a 8013 9d601c71be7d
68 points

Chalet Cragganmore in Chamonix, France

Preview 1173e268 4673 43a3 90b2 937e862316ba
68 points

My Living Room. Nothing crazy but I love it

Preview c65cba27 611e 4524 9922 49a3c072de35
76 points

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