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Tens of thousands of computer hardware, just like that.

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After hours party at the local bed store

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235 points


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119 points

I would like to buy one of these.

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226 points


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150 points


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272 points

I seriously felt like Indiana Jones placing the sandbag to nab the priceless gem when in reality I was slipping a wedge of pita wrap in my boys face whilst he was sleeping #dadoftheyear

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115 points

Forrest waiting for the bus

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101 points

This dog who refused to move for anyone passing

Preview ae4ecd67 d444 4e8a a714 29c3c9c78f1b

F*ck gravity!

Preview a740cf05 7c87 481a b731 fd200e817fd2

How pizza has been delivered this weekend in Brazil

Preview da8a5dcf d7f6 43f7 85a8 09e16350ea70
69 points

It’s all a conspiracy .

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Someone's been torrenting

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90 points

"Uberpool" - Vietnamese style

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84 points

Cabin Studio, Olympia

Preview 6cd3cc4c 9c64 4af7 887a da908e278870
41 points

These are for *dogs*? Oh...

Preview d52db37d 7de8 48f6 adab 2b12f0dcba5e
101 points

Look again.

Preview 29f56ebe 0c89 467d acc8 cb5a209dcb68
136 points

“Close the lid” they said... Zeke is apparently smarter than that.

Preview d9a43d89 e96c 4611 971c 3b9cc9e618b6

Swimmer who is above the surface, but hasn't broken the water

Preview 9775bab8 5fa7 4715 a924 65c6e0d39a0e
126 points

Can someone please explain what happened here? Famous fast food restaurant bathroom spattered with feathers and accompanied by an small empty bottle of Jack.

Preview e839ff9c e32c 4fbb b0e8 1105c9fc2ebc
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