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This dog is more than a jerk

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My dad sent me this photo with the caption "I had a hitch hiker in my Tahoe this morning".

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147 points

I seriously felt like Indiana Jones placing the sandbag to nab the priceless gem when in reality I was slipping a wedge of pita wrap in my boys face whilst he was sleeping #dadoftheyear

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133 points

This dog who refused to move for anyone passing

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Face-swap gone wrong

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161 points


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104 points

Snaped a picture at a local CS:GO championship of a player accidentally holding his knife.

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111 points

Transporter malfunction.

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119 points

Just a woman on a public bus smoking heroin off of tinfoil..

Preview fd484dea 9284 4f5c b83f 13f7ced59746
125 points

My friend is a plumber and he got hit with a pipe on the job. Day 1 vs day 3.

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155 points

bad kitty hunting resued humming bird

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Drove right past the park and he instantly knew he was going to the Vet.

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Zeus Always seems to have his junk on Darwin's head on car rides.

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safety first!

Preview bc1500d1 6eca 4af9 bc10 4cc91ad08239
85 points

Caught the exact moment she spotted the Vet’s office

Preview bf402450 6b01 420b 999d c51ef031bd74
72 points

But I gave it treat anyway

Preview 3106b5f3 e812 40d6 b664 aa0a0de05f56
118 points

Disney princess cosplayer

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240 points

My dog has worn off the paint off the car door from doing window sniffs

Preview 5a265a4f 01e9 431e 8838 d71d05430f4d

The real MVP!

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107 points

My best friend's bf cheated on her, I heard of it and told her. Now he wants to beat me up "because I broke the guy code"..

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