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The rolling spread eagle.

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97 points

Dem Gaming Feels

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104 points

Some people will never learn.

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129 points

Hol up

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124 points

The best way to stop your bike from being stolen

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106 points

Dual head horse

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134 points

1 second before pain.

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Preview 5185db67 fa84 4bdb be67 7781001a19e4

Stupid real life!

Preview 3c65f788 a948 4c6f b5d5 4ed56818da0c
83 points

2017 Time Magazine Person of the Year cover was just released

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128 points

Tour de France

Preview 1e9fef7a 5b02 419b a6c2 faae6012b013
109 points

What the heck is he thinking?

Preview eed26ab8 4d1a 423a a89f f4070387c641
69 points

The Three Riders

Preview 05e4a937 72a5 4cf9 a7aa f717f9bbe280
120 points

How to be awesome...

Preview fa94120c 49b8 4095 b603 d0e97d84b59f
129 points

The prime minister of the Netherlands arriving on his job. #dutchthings

Preview 5f9c7be1 bf52 472b aad4 5582be774581
121 points

Always Chuck.

Preview cea0cf3a 56f7 4f32 80a8 142283e7d04c
62 points


Preview a98ab515 aa60 4f66 9d59 224c086e6092
85 points

After years of wanting to ride on a motorcycle, I finally convinced my friend to take me for a spin....the facial expression says it all

Preview e46f8ec7 0143 45c5 b05a 1b7d30e0492a
321 points

Some beautiful Devian Art.

Preview 78a290e9 d03a 4382 a2ee d53a1f486f35
54 points

I don't know

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