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SUg hul

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14 points

IT Closet

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16 points

Finally we know the reason

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22 points

Revolutionary New Earthquake Detection Device.

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9 points

There's gotta be a good story here

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14 points

This man going to his place

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12 points

Shower at the hostel my brother is staying at in China.

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13 points

Found at Chicago O'Hare Airport

Preview ce36f774 5d66 4d75 9212 b4410dd9c3f1
15 points

A Gunblade...

Preview f4f16306 eb19 4497 9255 d8e4b93ab45e
11 points

Another boring day at the zoo

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12 points

Sometimes, you are not as scary as you were described

Preview 96e46ca1 10f7 40b3 835a fc5682e8da13
19 points

I Don't Think Jesus Has To Know

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5 points

The more you know.

Preview 168f9716 be26 400e 95cf b8d37940f06a
15 points

This is hilarious!

Preview 635dcc11 cb1f 41fa 8cb1 448793d0b26f
72 points

Picture of The Chainsmokers piano

Preview 6042fad6 85c3 486c bb7f aca5fd394b95
12 points

Always be ready

Preview 7bbe81a6 25cb 4d93 90c9 cdc94c97473b
13 points

All nurses can relate

Preview 20363b7a d33a 4bc5 b436 b5bfcaac8131
2 points

A seagull caught in a Macy's bag fell from the sky and was hanged as the bag became snagged on a barbed wire fence

Preview 97f8e444 ca53 46d6 9393 4544cfa2c35c
4 points

Spent the afternoon installing these. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.

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