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Clippy! Is that you, old friend?

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182 points

Guy tries to take camera and backpack from 2 freerunners and had a knife.


My 7 year old son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock

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104 points

The Exorcism Of The Chupacabra Demon Prank Call

85 points


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92 points


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107 points

Employee Fridge at Safeway

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79 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

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116 points

The pilots are true friends of the crown! Dilly Dilly!

Preview 9336831a 2f83 4b5a bf32 74986d7efe76
92 points

It's worth the risk to jump this guys fence just to see if he actually has super fast attack sheep

Preview 788a82c2 0b8e 45de b005 3708e54a88fe
91 points

Still makes me laugh every time

Preview e8e070a1 4e83 42d7 9a41 bb8038c23f42
65 points

To Catch a Santa - Guy duct tape and bricks over 20 flood lamps on his roof and on makeshift posts around his house.

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81 points

New Zealand's Department of Conservation Hut. #OnlyInNewZealand

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98 points

A sign on a door in Amsterdam

Preview c0741f8e 0781 4d6b aa8d 10769d0cd726
121 points

The tag on our doggo that my wife made for her

Preview d99fa2f8 c8c4 4dfc 928b a764a7f24120
107 points

Googled Solid Snape by mistake

Preview 1587a416 5e4b 4e99 ad90 f6d974b18655

Fixed IT! you forgot one

Preview 16f3f70b 4cc2 4a07 8c9b c41c1744b036
121 points

Wise man from a wise word

Preview 92d350af 688d 4de8 9d4c 24551b9e0369
110 points

Can't even do that right 🤦

Preview 51e716ce 3899 45ed 8548 f37fa13ddd4d
119 points

Go flick yourself, light switch!

Preview 4fbea058 e4fc 4a4a ae0f 103f99bce319
92 points

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