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Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

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47 points

Custom Door Handle

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47 points

When having pizza at the ready is most important ...

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92 points

This person's awesome solution to covering up a large dent on their car.

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83 points

Do not operate spare tire over 0-MPH or 0-KPH. It was actually driving down the road which goes against all laws of physics.

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79 points

This is exactly why Darwin Awards exist

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82 points

Leaving the movie theater I see this with nothing else around it. I'm confused.

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39 points


Preview 60f055af 3107 431d 834d 622462bf56dd
42 points

Best car crashes

Preview 48f59df8 41e2 4717 93ab ceab2de945fd
93 points

Trash Panda Passenger

Preview 38153c5a c0de 4e49 8dc4 ed6ce0ff5a42
31 points

Like how..? Really..

Preview e70e661e a926 434a 81f9 e88609d3fac1
69 points

This car and this color!!!

Preview babbb3da 4401 46d5 ae57 f9042c97da18
58 points

The Head Chef for a dining hall at my school drives this..

Preview 44bf1d27 c4ba 4e52 8959 0fd2f0e1a5ed
20 points

I sold this '58 VW Bug in 1994 when my son was 2 years old. Found it for sale on Craigslist and bought it back.

Preview c03112aa 4dbb 43f2 89dd 3d4d9a82caa4
180 points

Meanwhile in parallel universe

Preview 1a599697 574d 4daf 9096 112f721cee43
47 points

Oil slick audi

Preview 320d5ddc ea52 450f 8739 c32c35edd054
18 points

Modern slavery

Preview abf619d9 a4a2 4916 8b73 d0fb693624dc
146 points

1969 toyota 2000gt

Preview d6e00a6a 3abb 468d a1f6 5ad20513fe8a
178 points

Round #3: What car is this?

Preview 912004aa b907 40d9 a8d4 52610f647716
110 points

Uglyest car in history

Preview e9c85433 b1a1 456e 9814 1c30dade763a
178 points

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