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The all new 2019 Dodge Ram Super Extended Cab...

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83 points

Second time today in Pittsburgh

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105 points

I got a new sticker for my car

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107 points

Remember, Jesus died for your rims

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93 points

Teeny PP

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71 points

Was mad that I got cut off. Read the license plate and chuckled

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87 points

Vanity plate captured by my friend in Lancaster, OH

Preview eadba94b 6d74 412b af58 fac9a487a975
104 points

Flying rebar on I-20 hits my dad's windshield at 60mph and embeds itself into the dash

Preview a23c2792 772a 44a8 8493 ec4dbc5f5164
80 points

Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

Preview 3bc113c9 9cab 4d9d b7c6 499b3fe69b03
65 points

Custom Door Handle

Preview 1052c3b5 6ac1 41c3 8c46 17b06d7449b1
60 points

When having pizza at the ready is most important ...

Preview b09bb4f9 3b4d 479e 967f 0490b0bc29cc
103 points

This person's awesome solution to covering up a large dent on their car.

Preview d6757144 1b15 4ea6 97d0 f9f87380aec4
93 points

Do not operate spare tire over 0-MPH or 0-KPH. It was actually driving down the road which goes against all laws of physics.

Preview 5cbf700d 7163 4990 8720 2306b5cc2834
92 points

This is exactly why Darwin Awards exist

Preview 42c133bf 5768 4bd9 b24d 81b132da4b43
85 points

Leaving the movie theater I see this with nothing else around it. I'm confused.

Preview 0047c399 0e6c 4988 8ebe 1dbb1572645c
43 points


Preview 60f055af 3107 431d 834d 622462bf56dd
47 points

Best car crashes

Preview 48f59df8 41e2 4717 93ab ceab2de945fd
97 points

Trash Panda Passenger

Preview 38153c5a c0de 4e49 8dc4 ed6ce0ff5a42
34 points

Like how..? Really..

Preview e70e661e a926 434a 81f9 e88609d3fac1
73 points

A overturned truck covers car and road with eels and eel slime in Oregon.

Preview dd068670 75cd 4aa7 93d5 ea78e71e83aa
112 points

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