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This is basically going to be the news tommorw

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23 points

Love it

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18 points

Dad's feeding their babies

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15 points

True words

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19 points


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33 points

Star Wars is life, Star Wars is love

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This post gonna be LEGEN...

Preview 7e90e53e ac74 428b a744 5c56ecb5200f
22 points

What a life.

Preview b9cebf76 7cd9 4413 9ce0 73a72ef35d50

You Wookie sack of sh*t

Preview 1b825086 299f 4330 be77 3d82c189941f
20 points

Master out of the windu

Preview 757d0ae0 c72e 4ef7 bfd4 38cc32b5a056
52 points

You can't make this stuff up! Count on Fox to find shocking news that matters!

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The Golden Girls always throwing shade

Preview 478c0344 0f65 4372 9060 9c66774aba66
84 points

Did you read it in his voice?

Preview f152e238 011c 4211 9d31 7612c4a813ae

Feels bad man

Preview 77d05ef6 a60b 4166 bd09 d053091a0e30
24 points

Maybe that's a job opportunity.

Preview 406ac0a0 b1eb 4b5f 928e e81ad8512427
39 points

Why are you reading this?

Preview dbfb399f 566c 46c8 88b2 5990ca20d351
62 points

The Miracle of modern Science

Preview 3f232a94 9ed0 416f 8a17 48502595feb8
61 points

Girlfriend wanted me shave hope she still likes me

Preview 162ec24d b3a5 4e75 980d 777725926b5b
76 points

Nukes, nukes for everyone

Preview f9f2aa45 df49 49c9 8991 8db7f66b9bc0
24 points

I hate them so much

Preview 1b047b44 45ea 4ba3 b910 fbbe40fa3707
17 points

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