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One last trick up his sleeve...

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111 points

My 5 year old made a Calvin themed birthday work of art for me

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69 points

Happy Gillmore

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86 points

Dwayne “The Doc” Johnson

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104 points

I like this Airport Terminal so much that I took a photo of myself in line waiting for my plane.

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127 points

The better father figure!

Preview ee3e07dc 45b6 4d01 a22f 8f3c49389671
84 points

*picks up crying baby*

Preview eea9bc4d 53ca 4fde b17c 4b1f88a11e7d
84 points

Tragic story of 23-year-old man trapped inside body of a baby

Preview 7898bd39 a256 478d 94e3 49804eb99379
86 points

The onion getting cheeky today

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99 points

The resemblance is uncanny

Preview 392ec28c b9be 465d a113 d8215a3d19b0
76 points

Don’t be like Bill

Preview 2c76e06a 3b11 46ff ad8f 6c6bf42efeb9
76 points

Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso looks like Colin Mochrie

Preview 1990cb96 47b3 493f 9445 934153a65a14
112 points

Just 1 more kid

Preview 0360424c 8ba4 415c a786 4c494aff1688
83 points

Retail workers represent

Preview b3b3d929 abf4 4731 80f0 ee1b65f36974
97 points

Glenn Close is starting to look like Mrs. Doubtfire

Preview 4a643d72 83f7 44c8 a7b0 991f5f4daf5e
109 points

He didn’t want our data... he just wanted to be our friend. Why couldn’t we all just be his friend?

Preview 8f38957f 9f35 40d1 835b 536bc2d455d9
89 points

No homo

Preview b0d9a47d b135 4c67 a594 64a56186a036
89 points

Every nice guy be like...

Preview 686e749a 90b8 43e9 9b38 145e9d5e7c03
65 points

Gave this guy a dollar to take a pic of his sign.

Preview d3ebb679 86fe 45b3 8172 241f921b118b
62 points

Hair Maketh the Man

Preview 50da5920 d59b 46d1 be55 b8bd7f7108af
92 points

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