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Chaotic evil

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68 points

Just started watching scrubs and I love this janitor and their small banter

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Met this guy at Target today, he is 75.

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19 points

X/post from r/hmmm

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23 points

I need this at work

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22 points

I wish I was as cool as this girl...

Preview 05b523df f29b 4657 91b4 98d322fbe37a
24 points

Came across some EA arcade cabinets

Preview e165a2dd 7ad7 469d 87e8 7c222bdeb504
68 points

Met this guy at Target today, he is 75.

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84 points


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71 points

I know... I know... no one will see this

Preview 4019df7f d751 46e6 a59d be6c1e67b0db
65 points

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays..

Preview 02afdc17 65f7 413b bed8 a4a03ab6d0e0
39 points

Fast and simple

Preview 544cdebc 6987 4983 8061 3a2f7f255003
23 points

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition

Preview 4bd1fd8d 8e09 43ba 85ab a0dacaa3dce1
72 points

Cool store, bro

Preview 477ee46c e554 410a be23 379eeea684aa
19 points

I certainly appreciate this very much

Preview bc9c2796 bab9 4e2a 83ec 0c986f0c620e
24 points

Maximum blur

Preview 27fe0135 0551 4995 b171 0982fbacbe7f
129 points

Incase you missed it: Good guy Gordon

Preview 3e42ae2c db83 457f bc55 66fcec8734c0
3 points


Preview 69eff2a4 7ffb 4fb3 b2c8 9007a39ab99c
24 points

And its cheaper than therapy

Preview dab92834 0bc5 4a94 9595 d2f1fea2fad6
42 points

His jokes not as good as his drive

Preview d03d186b 61f9 4cc4 af9d 0e72440920df

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