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17 points

Key to vehicle warning lights

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15 points

There are only two genders

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13 points

Who doesn’t love a doggo?

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21 points

Legend has it he will come one day and collect all the cookies

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11 points

Well that got dark fast

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14 points

9GAG nowadays

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20 points


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14 points

And thats how Lithuania was born...

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How to tie a tie the french way

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11 points

Two views on the world

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18 points

I googled "Types of cat"

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17 points

Your childhood is incomplete if you have never done this

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11 points

New Beginnings

Preview 9cc5e3a3 89da 4fb1 b089 7bb96bfc24c0
13 points

Reddit could use this reminder

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12 points

Don't be like billy

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11 points

When someone said "memes" this is what you though of, years ago.

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10 points

cut vs bandaid

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20 points

Everyone has those days ...

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18 points

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