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Every god damn time.

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Guess what...

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6 points

Talking to the an Indian Space Program memeber be like

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44 points

When Balkans stars do something togheter

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These shaved lab rats advertised as 'Life science toolbox'.

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12 points

Follow your dreams

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7 points

Visiting Dad

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Being "Neutral"

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Unexpected Garfield

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6 points

Unexpected Garfield

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91 points

Every single time

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13 points

Eggs For Eyes

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14 points

A friend made this for my birthday next week. Thought you guys might like it

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9 points

That escalated quickly...

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8 points

This is the best community...

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10 points

4 Questions I Still Have About Beauty And The Beast

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Well,that should settle the argument once and for all....

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"Grandfather what was your role in the war?"

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