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Seal tries to steal fisherman's catch


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Convincing someone they were swimming with a shark


Just imagine

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What is it Thresher shark? What do you see?

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Why You Should Never Dive in South Africa


This Great White Shark

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Who reads this?

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Fuck your internet submarine cable


Google knows what's up

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When I see disinformation, I have to act..

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Scuba Instructor Pulls Kitchen Knife Out Of A Shark's Head To Save Its Life

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One of these images is a turtle, and the other a person on a surfboard. Now imagine you're a hungry shark.

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Damn..I thought they are friendly and kind...

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Dolphin refueling during flight.

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Oh, I didn't see you there!

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Gordon Ramsay Eats Shark Fin Soup For The First Time And Passionately Defends Sharks!


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