Everything tagged with sheep

This chair seems like a baaaaaad choice

Preview 6c24218d 1a05 4686 b258 c56fe44df791
131 points

Sleep lil' Sheep

Preview e9051b3a 99e0 47b5 b51d 58d5dacfab5d
56 points

Stop everything and look at this baby camel

Preview 1e89f3fc ef90 4c0e 8598 c63a83d59183
161 points

Not mine

Preview 2956ed36 e235 4d8a ac60 0cab38e50e7a
95 points

Life finds a way

Preview 92ad9111 c38e 48d7 a4de d07171843b56
93 points

Have you ever seen a more satanic looking animal?

Preview 18fe8c34 311d 4ca8 a84d 43cfaec7e3fe
112 points

I rarely use any Instagram effects but sometimes I find that a subtle use of tilt-shift really draws your eyes in to focus on the main subject of the photo.

Preview fbbbb7d5 11f8 4659 b52b 7bbcccc58ce4
102 points

Introducing the Sheepig

Preview eace1eb2 d184 4419 b313 bc4d69fde7dc
104 points

He's an asshole

Preview 14fd9575 5501 49ae 8f21 cb96c8feb93a

Teacher uses my name positively

Preview 2c7855c5 6a20 4f9e 8a1a 9eeaf27375be
147 points

Lady in red. South Poland

Preview 161638c7 7565 4f32 b2bf 450989741141

Insignificant fool

Preview 26b86a29 612e 4bc7 93e0 a03581489dca
68 points

Moving cat beds

Preview f46d693d 3562 4e2a b17f 5abdd9e013f1
60 points

When you can't sleep everything becomes funny

Preview eac958c7 5f67 4173 ab47 cd0b92cae963
71 points

Piglets rescued from a barn fire.

Preview 7095e155 63b2 467b b74b d6f820eeedc6

ASDF - The king of unexpected

125 points

A wolf in a sheep's clothing

Preview 113a8561 8e88 469a b59d 538d21893647
53 points

Three Wild Rabbits escape riding floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering a board sheep.

Preview 57d7afed 1192 4727 a33d 45f6996dd6bc
104 points

How Pomsky are born

Preview cf508a24 1fa6 4923 add5 e85f6a40ea53
109 points

Shepherd Gets Attacked by Sheep


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