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Mexico City concrete home and studio of Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernandez

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21 points

Studio at 'The Brain' in Seattle, Washington

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9 points

The truth is out thee

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18 points


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The set from The IT Crowd

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21 points

Montbrun Castle Library

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19 points

Somehow I found this at a thrift store..

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82 points

Its just a game..

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21 points

Bird having more fun than me

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24 points

House goals

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13 points

Cozy Home Library

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12 points

HLS Library

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17 points

Clean kitchen with walk in fridge.

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1 points

Trinity college library in Dublin, Ireland. F*cking awesome.

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14 points

And its cheaper than therapy

Preview dab92834 0bc5 4a94 9595 d2f1fea2fad6
24 points

This Is What $1,000 A Month In Rent Would Get You Across The World

Preview 55d3f1b9 d6e2 4565 9ee4 874c03b21b17

Packing Heat

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11 points

Jon Davis artist studio. Creative chaos needs no ladder. OC

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103 points

As a Slav I prepared myself for the winter .

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Bright kitchen features a rail for a library ladder that also serves as a pot rack plus a nice mix of open and closed storage in this apartment in Sweden.

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