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My girlfriend hung out at my house while I had to work.

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111 points

Jom & Terry

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80 points

Edris House, Palm Springs, CA, USA

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70 points

Nic Cage at Walgreens in the tampon isle

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89 points

Bohemian flat in Buenos Aires with spiral staircase leading to lofted bed

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38 points

Studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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90 points

Fixed it

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109 points

My wife left me in charge of the shower curtain as well.

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63 points

It is my wife’s birthday.

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88 points

Cooking steak on a USB hotplate

Preview 26826ad0 e414 4116 8402 006e4cb2267d
78 points

Spent a solid 15 minutes looking for one of our labs tonight.

Preview 811e60f9 54e6 4f82 abb5 2a8ec242ab3f
79 points

Charming little kitchen in Sofia, Bulgaria loft

Preview acaa90fe a8cf 4c1c b4ea 36a490b68d36
23 points

Balinese inspired contemporary kitchen in Montecito, California

Preview b237fbe9 f44a 4dde 92c2 b622ac3bf201
73 points

Girl in my program has the most attractive study space

Preview 3bd8e5b0 eb28 4dff b68d c3471d58c5aa
547 points

Strawberry Pink Colored Kitchen, 1956

Preview 7a0794e2 7117 4567 b5a0 fca04925111e
82 points

The 9th Century St. Florian Monastery in Austria

Preview 3f2c5752 84b4 4724 a6e8 c5c30e67b77a
53 points

500 sq. ft. living area uses a restored wood spiral staircase to add character to the contemporary space in this apartment located in Belsize Park, London, England.

Preview 2ce4e072 957c 4058 aba0 75c06b7038d0
48 points

Country style modern open floor plan in Colorado

Preview 9b9c977d 44be 424f a1eb d74217628af7
45 points

Classic Blue Kitchen

Preview 7360814d 8b34 4890 bac0 8a925a766358
54 points

Met this guy at Target today, he is 75.

Preview 9bdd574f 74ce 446e 8d81 93c79733f8f2
83 points

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