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Just my dream room

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Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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Like A boss

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I bathed my cat yesterday. Now she lives in constant fear.

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When you're trying to conserve space at your apartment...

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Inside a flat on the Boulevard Barbès in Paris © Marie Janiszewski

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It's payday and I'm like...

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Perhaps less conventional than most posts here but I'm pretty happy with my summer student room

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Has science gone too far?

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Award-winning Vintage Kitchen in 1910 Nautical Cabin | Seaside, OR

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Nordic kitchen with fabulous wallpaper in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Loft with second floor Library

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You ever wake up and think "Oh Shit I forgot to buy bolts"?

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Eat bananas ...

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We only need it once a year. Not once a month.

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America! F**k yeah!

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Happy boxes are happy

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Meanwhile at Walmart...

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