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Holy cricket!

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15 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

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18 points

Poor Jeremy

Preview cdf1561e 407f 4c7c b31c 87fce88f3f79

what's this? starfish?

Preview d394c266 9446 4c28 9171 5ae9f1224c51
22 points

Waited ages for this crab to come out of his shell. Not sure where else to post.

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61 points

Boobs at the beach.

Preview 22a8d00e 4d45 4e83 899b 3eff407ee4cb
53 points

Meet Frank

Preview cb1e7411 1e63 4d67 a208 ada09037da7f

Sea turtle with two heads

Preview f28e79b6 d167 4830 8b56 baa1d481f6af
14 points

You've got to love hungarian!

Preview afb760f8 e714 457e b7b6 f05dd0006650

Chick Chicky Boom

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11 points

I am a gay man living in West Hollywood. My mom gave me this birdhouse for my birthday. FWIW I've never worn boots and didn't grow up in a rural area. Someone help me understand this...

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13 points

Oh yeah Mr. Krabs

Preview ca55f4c2 7fc1 44af be7c 9936fd1cdba7

140 year old mother with her 5 day old son

Preview e91653bf de13 4f9a 9a73 ded5cf6e713f
83 points

The reflection of the turtles looks like two bearded men.

Preview 27182404 4c69 4772 9048 b449f7d5a42b
15 points

My wife and I keep getting asked if we're having kids soon. So we made this fake pregnancy video to prank all our friends...

19 points

Spür'n Sie's Mr. Krabs?

Preview 5fc46920 fad1 4918 be34 bf612e61a051
19 points

Pixelated Fruit.

Preview d3827b0b 4321 4982 b2e1 3147283cafe5
18 points

I like turtles

Preview 960d0769 cd77 4d85 a550 0b6a8a80c55d
8 points

These are real sea creatures!

Preview 7ef3c970 60f2 43bc ad79 a1eb004053da
117 points

Most Adorable Baby Turtle Found in My Backyard

Preview 6035e9f4 0dfd 4424 b1ae d9f54b69b3a6
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