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When life gives you lemons...BE HAPPY :)

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My friend got a convertible and this is the only hat he wears in it

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78 points

When School Is Canceled In April

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85 points

Don't steal this meme

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Extremely heavy snowfall has hit Switzerland in the past few days. This image was taken in Bettmeralp .

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96 points

Dramatic Yurt-inspired Bedroom w/ Burled Wood & Skylight to mimic Traditional Hole in Ceiling

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How would you react if you came home to this

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2 hummingbird new borns at my grandma's house

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45 points

If Movie Posters Were Honest

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Opened my PC once... aaaaand never again!

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16 points

My big brother carrying our 101 y/o grandfather to safety from Harvey flooding.

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139 points
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137 points

Just an abandoned theme park in Denmark, slidely interesting?

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59 points

THiS iS somE SponGeBob TypE of sHit

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13 points

Guy's Sweet New Single "Spicy Boyfriend" Sounds So Carefree And Joyful To Listen!

355 points

You can always count on the kindness of strangers...

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Sara Underwood

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