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Hooray I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time.

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75 points

Caught in the act.

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Why we can't have nice things

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The inside of a Stony-iron meteorite, believed to be created during the formation of the solar system

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76 points

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Preview d1194b1c 584f 4fff ab0b 8478827d648e
39 points

Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Cocoon

Preview cd4b86f3 ecd0 4f5e a82e d6632405dc64
83 points

Work Wear spared

Preview f869d8fe b0c6 4262 9e5e c177f281712f
54 points

My vans came in today

Preview 51183154 7975 4de0 891e 71376a87a594

Well he's not wrong

Preview f9473467 7cb7 404c 88c4 b6eeb78329c8
100 points

Hes not wrong

Preview ff869dcc 51e6 4c8b 9a5b 875094beac12
11 points

Well, he's not wrong

Preview b3d82ae9 b0ea 407d b0a6 a9f156436e98
46 points

Batman kissing batman in front of a sunset

Preview f1c592d1 9291 4690 83c2 6fa3c5a876df
59 points

Dreadlock necklace

Preview d7f813cc bc99 477c a6a7 8d109879a0b6
55 points

List of movies I grew up watching (multiple times). Maybe there is something in here you haven't seen yet. Not all great, but I enjoyed them

Preview 77d951ab dd34 4780 886b bf209983363d

This beetle though

Preview 6714d8a6 5340 4b1f b4f5 02272dbee5e8
14 points

Germans Paradise

Preview 2c6a2f3a 90c8 459c 8608 22455d62ab30
105 points

So true

Preview f1f4168e 135a 4e7d 806f a2cff2014003
262 points
Preview efbcd957 0dde 4bc7 86b7 51071eaf317a
291 points

Australian christmas tree decorations

Preview 7d96170d dd02 4129 8529 5cabbe2b826e
255 points

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