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Sweden keeping Russian submarines at bay

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167 points

Close enough

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135 points

You wouldn't want to drive there

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119 points

Look at me, I’m a choo choo. CHOO CHOO! Nobody can cross while the train goes by!

Preview 7e39ddf2 fecb 44ac 924d cfd79d52f876

This windsurfer flew in at the best moment

Preview e7d1f5b3 1792 4071 a02d b01ababa9954
131 points

Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

Preview eb326633 0ecc 43f3 95db 44ffc24714d5
107 points

Always listen to Dad

Preview a3711834 9dd2 40b2 9603 e86d42c110fd
120 points

Traveling with 3 years old son, he thinks that thing is trying to eat the plane...

Preview a859aa3c 33c6 49de aaa7 3fff27c11398
155 points

Runaway train hits the water

Preview e9b904ea 899f 404a 9c47 9e82b894e6e8
128 points

That one person in the chat group chat who never talks, but reads everything

Preview dc7d6272 dd23 4722 bab7 970714bbb671
174 points

A good sense of humor

Preview ab761478 df99 425d a797 9d715484c336
136 points

A road near my house collapsed this morning, causing a giant landslide.

Preview 35a4501b 39f8 45d2 8508 4d97dd89e95c
102 points

Crane grabbed the Moon

Preview f4dc3f44 2eed 43bb 8cb2 c960c71b942e
106 points

RIP Ohio...

Preview 2f5c4572 2099 461f 82be 8df0beaf0db9
119 points

Walked in this morning to find this....

Preview 53a3dfc9 e102 4107 bfd1 c8485c3c131f
85 points

Mama Freighter nursing her young

Preview cce87e15 a587 4a4e bcce 90bdbd0077d5
81 points

Passed this guy in Georgia today

Preview c4a7b60e affb 4523 97c0 9d92ff54c002
86 points

Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

Preview dc701f03 2b50 4d4f 8c44 419d7458fb21
95 points

Modern loft living space, New York NY,

Preview 3c9c2839 1d22 4c4f 8ae4 aa71184e7ded
91 points

A ship-shipping ship , shipping shipping ships

Preview b1f9f72b 4e00 428c 981b 22c6e917cecd
151 points

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