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Crane grabbed the Moon

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RIP Ohio...

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56 points

Walked in this morning to find this....

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59 points

Mama Freighter nursing her young

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56 points

Passed this guy in Georgia today

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57 points

Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

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54 points

Modern loft living space, New York NY,

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24 points

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake , Taiwan · Rescue In Action

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96 points

Sunset, stormy sea and a lightning bolt.

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Arrrrrrrrrrrr ye coming to the wedding?

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95 points

Jogging above Shanghai

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Bodyboarding next to a run aground ship.

Preview 6ce7e6aa 599a 45a8 b2e6 0bbaf4d6c385

This is 125ft up IIRC. Seemed mildly r/Sweatypalms given that you don't have the harness clipped on here.

Preview 5579a45a 4f03 4968 bd87 6e3b01441d03

Whale Carcass Underwater in Finland

Preview 40b773f3 9635 46b2 b810 3ee781939f58
85 points

Ready for takeoff

Preview ff620747 8aec 491c 82fe ef30209abc3b

I raise you the entire Earth is lava

Preview c269d1a2 61fa 454c aede 481a0b473fe3
84 points

Flashes back: I have a boyfriend.

Preview 80e0d9a5 bbdd 434f 9739 71855b0e309a
62 points

Japan is ready for W.W.III

Preview 9639a16c e47a 42dd b04f 062b0f84b055
44 points

Beat the Dad

Preview 1bd36274 7894 49d6 87f1 df494098fdb8
64 points

Corinth Canal, Greece

Preview fb2c8e96 45b5 42b1 8476 16ab8a24a068
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