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Boat name

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They called it the "whoops-missile"

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Uploading a warship picture every day #178 SMS Derfflinger

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12 points

Shots fired

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18 points

Top of Mast

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Tequila + cruise ship balcony


Aw shit

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15 points

Battlefield 1 players know.

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This heavy-lift ship is a giant vessel of tech

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13 points

Give him a break

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Uploading a warship picture everyday #141 HMCS Amherst

Preview 0a94b8cb b702 4e3b 8387 1d64d9f868b0
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Uploading a warship picture every day #150 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

Preview 3133c74b fe09 4b9a bc6d 0c21654624cb
11 points

Venice looks like Zoidberg rubbing his hands

Preview 1de55cdc 41fd 4060 9e19 df72fc1e831d
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Yo dawg!

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4 points

The shadow of this ship looks like skyline.

Preview 63d52d54 bc18 49ee b516 d244b03e7d8c
3 points

Finally! Long way to go.

Preview 5fc5b532 d042 47b9 a220 484161a84476
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People going crazy with their 1.000.000 dollar houses and I just want something like this

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