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Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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108 points

These boxes are dropping a sick beat for me

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63 points

Just a simple Jocker quote

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75 points

GOT THE JOB! Gonna be a Conductor in Jasper Alberta!!!

Preview b25f75b0 acbd 45fc bcf1 85538dd1e149
54 points

Made me a little nervous.

Preview cd73eba4 9aee 4426 8bca 5c462d1401fc
78 points

Not again Germany...

Preview 27e4d166 67a0 4efb 9c3f 28fa3588ce33
46 points

Here goes the luggage

Preview 774c7e3b dc46 44c5 bf56 019dc6de687d

Insert suspicious meme

Preview 246ca554 59ac 4e0c 9682 7e7b2d8c19b8
84 points

Countryballs at work

Preview 2d8a73fb 72d3 4391 9a70 b954d4a76e49

Yungas road, AKA Death road, in Bolivia

Preview 235f8186 eea1 478a 8e15 2272ccd83859

This was on my amazon box

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59 points

Kidnapped boxes in Dallas

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16 points

Bro, do you even lift?

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71 points

"Safety First"

Preview 222a6bea a1f6 45c8 8de8 412aa51bdb1c
142 points

Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

Preview 449a5a7b cff7 46d5 a68a 5b27007ec206
88 points

Royal Mail's new electric delivery van is just the cutest

Preview dc775127 d13a 4381 93c2 200a464e28b6
83 points


Preview 3fca53fb 7c1d 477b bb79 0551673ac5d5
175 points

This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

Preview 89b5f682 9fac 43cd ab0a 24d4c12bd831
102 points

Hey snoop , could you spare a joint ?

Preview 0ad6b609 b646 4d7a b7a9 b9746f9a1a96
17 points

This heavy-lift ship is a giant vessel of tech

Preview 6045b767 8191 43ca a38f 4c038d9202e3
100 points

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