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What I'm wearing this St. Patrick's Day

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Definition of a nurse

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A friend sent this to me earlier today. I laughed way too hard at it

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102 points

this guy

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My son bought me this shirt for my birthday, if it wasn't for him, I'd only get crap every year.

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85 points

May Keanu bless you with wisdom

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95 points

A shirt OP got for Christmas

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109 points

But what if they were?

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I'm notorious in my D&D group for my horrible rolls. Gimping my character. Endangering my group. Yesterday, my Dungeon Master gifted me this shirt.

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98 points

Secret Santa really delivered this year!

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50 points

I want to kill myself

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my wife asked for something to wear for her birthday and she likes 90's music so I made her a shirt

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74 points

Pie Chart

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99 points

My pregnant wife went all out for Halloween!

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19 points

Spotted in the childrens section of a reject shop

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Nice tits bro

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99 points

Ghetto prosthetic arm

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The death of the soul.....

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