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Natural tattoos done by thunder

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14 points

Rakesh Goes Cabbage again

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9 points

Just no words..

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17 points

I had to

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2 points

Both the most awesome and the worst tattoo

Preview 2070a7bd 006d 4d7e a446 e764d5c3f821
60 points

Vegan body builder

Preview 7ac245bd cb58 4754 850e 28a657d9c8de

This excellently timed photo of my grandpa during a fight

Preview da09cebb 517e 4ebd a505 6b09ae8243d7

Vegetarian bodybuilder

Preview 6ec7fe82 0181 45fd ba44 449aea09f255
15 points

Vegetarian bodybuilder

Preview b5645b89 bcd5 413b 9d89 3ab982d024ae

Vegetarian body builder.

Preview 66081af0 88a0 4eaa a32f bdf74ec90eba

You Complete me

Preview dc823609 4d72 4dbe 8d08 1117f1a56055
10 points

More like panic

Preview 77c2747d 06b8 4d28 a16e 7d8a0b524906
15 points

New PETA ad looks like two guys had a threesome with a chicken and she completely blew their minds.

Preview 98428ea4 cd69 409d a0da 649a664cfc42
3 points

Where is my steroids bro?

Preview b19a8855 e47f 4003 b4b4 ef5e32bf1c87
171 points

They use a fckn paint roller

Preview ab641a19 a81f 4cea 8f26 c1a4e1c23bf0
5 points

All bearded men and women unite

Preview a4e59244 a3ad 4d25 bf90 78981977d418
140 points

Got any skills??

Preview 5b210458 a568 4ffc 9dae 77baadfcfb8c
6 points

I'm just annoyed they didn't use the same side..

Preview 2cfde813 4413 4a21 8112 27c14a2112be
19 points

My 3 years transformation, everything is possible if you work hard enough <3

Preview c5c53aea 6c8f 4dde 84f4 b650d2276b2a
2 points
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