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You just painted this? It would be a shame if someone shat on it

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No today, Satan! I'm gone!

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62 points

Accurate asf

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85 points


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80 points


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118 points

I taped up my friend’s iced tea

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104 points


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118 points


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Preview c426cd35 1b25 463b a2bd 5bc4550dcfc9
76 points

She told me to take a picture of her foot in the puddle, I took the picture a little early

Preview 320c6fb6 5a3b 4e3b a1ab aee74d8c6659

Sexy heels

Preview dbe1201c afd1 4b18 b1c2 00516f41c08b
66 points

4 states at once....

Preview 3a139cf5 b22c 4e43 b565 93c090417c64
86 points

A little Cameltoe on the subway

Preview 33347f2c ee9f 413c 9b5e e4d425ec7b64
84 points

Looking down from Angel's Landing, Zion NP

Preview a7aacc4d 4e65 40f3 917b 1bf731ae4840

A baby bed inspired by the film "Jaws"

Preview a550efac 4a76 492f 84a2 27daeb641e05
97 points

My Dying Wish

Preview d38ef816 7d96 4ce4 9638 478016327430
106 points

My dog took a dump directly in my mother in laws shoe.

Preview 940f11ae 17c5 417e 8825 bd8d017b2804

Nail salon in Brooklyn..or barnacle shop

Preview 5a154140 9fac 4cfa 9400 faf25483eccd
94 points

Magic of morning

Preview 61882a2c 0687 427d a5d2 dc3e4c3aa323
94 points


Preview de9533c7 e5d3 4871 8c82 dc375ad292cb
108 points

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