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Just hanging out with my brother on Angel’s Landing

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Looking down from Angel's Landing, Zion NP

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A baby bed inspired by the film "Jaws"

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114 points

My Dying Wish

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124 points

My dog took a dump directly in my mother in laws shoe.

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Nail salon in Brooklyn..or barnacle shop

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155 points

Magic of morning

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113 points


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133 points

I’m getting grandma socks for Christmas

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95 points

Sneak level 100

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123 points

Invisible man spotted on the metro!

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139 points

Found this in the shoe department of a local thrift store.

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85 points

Friend on Facebook posted this today. Her gum wad collection, 7 years in the making.

Preview 5e637d2c 8c2d 4dce 90da 0b99dcbd324b
122 points

The coolest hospital logo I have ever seen

Preview 45aa9ae3 217a 4191 9f63 04f07196a219
115 points

Found this in boot

Preview 98e7cd00 f604 40bc ab83 03abbc46a141
91 points

Amazing bunion surgery

Preview a2924977 6644 4761 a1d9 504b076652c5
107 points

The best Cl shoes here in China

Preview 7494857e 5628 4539 802f 0d4327a209e6

If your dad doesn't have these shoes, do you really have a dad?

Preview 775abdec 4b58 47a6 9d24 3b7e6491167a
160 points

I can imagine french people wearing these...

Preview 3218630f ec81 4fd2 88aa 937c4e32645a
172 points


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