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Friend on Facebook posted this today. Her gum wad collection, 7 years in the making.

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99 points

The coolest hospital logo I have ever seen

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89 points

Found this in boot

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51 points

Amazing bunion surgery

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94 points

The best Cl shoes here in China

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If your dad doesn't have these shoes, do you really have a dad?

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129 points

I can imagine french people wearing these...

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Tell me where your f**king boss is!! Or you're gonna die... in five minutes!!

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Went bowling with my brother today. He asks for the biggest size they have, and the counter guy's response was "I knew this day would come, we've been waiting for you."

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96 points

Track me not

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77 points

This toe I saw today

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62 points

100% me.

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66 points

Life choices

Preview 84c87889 14bc 485d 9e3f 854c9a5d46e6
125 points

Three Signs you need to Re-evaulate Your Life Choices

Preview 08736f57 fa89 47ec 97c3 5a6198af7b7c
73 points

Well it could be worse

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142 points

Ice shoes

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119 points

My vans came in today

Preview 51183154 7975 4de0 891e 71376a87a594

New shoes from adidas "I just stabbed someone "

Preview 8acc9d58 b6af 40e0 98f3 85472f508a8f
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To the "taking bra off at the end of the day" post. I raise you this feeling.

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