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He got alcohol delivered to the store while waiting for his girlfriend

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123 points

Someone call the Men in Black

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78 points

You can have your fish when I've finished

Preview 2358847b 31ba 4e8f b789 92639c8bfdca
92 points


Preview fa97a514 7389 4cf7 944f 66c03a3a548b
35 points

Poor ice cream

Preview 24a00879 38f1 4fc1 ab17 a2010bc293dc
68 points

Genius trap!

Preview 4fc65c91 c703 4160 bc5d b70ab9948e57
126 points

I think I'll go somewhere eles.

Preview b06aec0f 1a6e 4131 b31f 9b6eb770a769
76 points

Fair point my dude

Preview 65e8e481 acad 43fc 8b04 c372b1420d8e
88 points

Can’t even use the PC

Preview 08999e94 180e 420d a3a1 241ef32e92a4

Now hiring!

Preview 9633c332 9dd1 41c2 b3f0 045ed9588b40
71 points

This M&M has seen some shit.

Preview e9df2858 f9fa 4a2b a02a 5210d4503d52
115 points

Guy in Starbucks

Preview 09216d51 9ca3 4c98 9e7a c9e82a26114e
83 points

I live in the basement. I told my dad I needed more natural light in my bedroom, so he bought me this mirror.

Preview 3835f8d2 be2e 46b1 b523 d28e5df3e199
80 points

"Big cloud of data raining in a pasture. All 8 billion sheep keep grazing." - Officer Warburton

Preview ddeba4b1 0f3a 4dd5 ba96 13f732f3a3a5
60 points

new girlfriend?

Preview 414c48c2 b2ee 43f9 ad06 fcfa303312f7
125 points

Eat fresh

Preview 628e698d 47cf 4b57 a9ed 2bdefc1491bb
86 points

This seems as good a place as any.

Preview ba695c24 6659 4052 b975 d0589c9b0434
96 points

Not so much!

Preview 91c0f67b 601e 49ca ac44 b3aa780bcbdd
95 points

Yo Sarah, Come Over Here and Set Your Ass Down

Preview 6b7696e1 c444 4dea 8564 3ab4a6e37226
128 points

Mmmm glazed

Preview 6dbbd5e3 2620 4976 831d 5c031a21a423
96 points

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