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Gaming with the bois

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83 points

Is it 100% natural?

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78 points

This soccer fan is briefly engulfed in flames as the police's pepper spray catches fire.

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Finally some good advise

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42 points

Bookshelf House / Shinsuke Fujii Architects, Japan, 2014

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60 points

This is the type of guy you read about in math problems...

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76 points

Good to know. Summer will be here soon.

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99 points

Well, I guess they brought their Dog photo

Preview d45e52eb 49dd 4827 bb16 2fc06657891d
74 points

Lady and her cat

Preview 045605ee 9dc7 471b 8f83 87db6cb87e17
69 points

The real story.

Preview fbc3b4d9 675e 4373 ac2e 42fa50e109ec
84 points

1st world nations but can you do this ?

Preview 2c9f6fc9 544f 4024 8580 e6fddbfa77c7
92 points

My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people

Preview cce3a6e8 d0b1 46fd 83d7 624f441f5169
93 points

The Signs that our Local Fire Dept. puts up...

Preview f6e4bbe1 ae76 4a49 9e48 82d34689eae6
113 points

The book reaper

Preview ae252390 b4de 45a1 a24d fd24d622e558
76 points

Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

Preview 8a12d87e 55ee 4162 987b e1e999eede51
58 points

Slippery when wet...

Preview f65de559 a284 4185 9b04 621da3d87970
77 points

After seeing that Rhode Island may block porn, it reminded me of this Scrubs gem

Preview 2e1b3bb3 55ea 4c14 a2fe 30ee66e9ed1e
78 points

Gordon Ramsay's Son.

Preview d36be2df ae83 4dcb 9e94 e00cca267260
99 points

That one teacher...

Preview 09fcfdce 78f9 4861 bb8b 4f35156dbb2e
85 points

Dick from 3rd rock is cool af.

Preview 4e1d1a3a 0bb4 49ff a334 5a18144e31cb
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