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What tf were you expecting???

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This is an actual children's ride in a shopping centre in Cumbernauld, Scotland. Press the green belt buckle to go, red belly button to stop

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Guy proposes to his girlfriend by putting the ring in chips & queso. Posted by my local taco shop.

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I think she gives a pretty clear answer

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"This is my son, officer."

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My kind of shop

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This is my last resort

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Future is coming...

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The perfect book doesnt exis-

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They aren’t great, but....

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"Children For Sale", 1948

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Lady Gaga VS the Super Bowl

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Im not in a rush

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Stunning light beatiful area. Nevmekan Cafe Library Istanbul

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What are those holes for?

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Jom & Terry

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In Airplane! the movie, just noticed that the doctor calling from the Mayo clinic has hundreds of jars of mayonaise behind his desk.

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Wait... I don't get it

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