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Al Bundy signing up for a great cause

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You came to the wrong fridge...

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20 points

Somehow I found this at a thrift store..

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I walked through Barcelona and quickly snapped a picture in this small street

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The wrong fucking book store

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Owner puts up this sign after seeing homeless people around her store in Dallas,Texas.

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22 points

Rest easy kitty

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For all those having a bad day, hope this helps a bit!

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Giving Shoppers Bad Advice Prank


NOT!FX - The Ultimate Tool For Your Obligations


The most welcoming sign I've ever seen

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You wouldn't understand, it's fashion.

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And its cheaper than therapy

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24 points

Packing Heat

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11 points

Damn! I have been doing it wrong all my life.

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2 points

As a Slav I prepared myself for the winter .

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The burbs have never been the same...

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Hide and seek: Pro level

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Not mine.....

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