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Only 9.99 ¥

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The aisle to avoid.

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Some true words if I may say so myself

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Prepared fresh

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The reason I hate working at Hobby Lobby. F**king Christmas starts in June.

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"There's a traitor among us"

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Option C : Both A & B

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Having a barbecue, Zoolander style.

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Urge to sniff intensifies

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It's payday and I'm like...

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Just came back from my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and they didn't have Plan-B. They had something way better.

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The dude..

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Me: "wow I can't believe I'm grocery shopping by myself I'm such an adult" Also me:

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What Is Your Ideal Kind Of Home? Watch Mila Kunis’ Surprise Renovation For Her Parents

174 points

When Your Annoying Girlfriend Thinks She's Being Cute

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Pussy in a can.

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I laughed.

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My friend works at a pet store and she sent me this...

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