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Construction camo.

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72 points

Since the last one i uploaded got kinda popular, heres another one of my climbs!

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Dont know of this counts here, but this is a picture from one of my climbs.

Preview 165c85ee f946 4429 b028 67d133c5b4c5

doggo says "Luv new daybed mum!"

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Just pickin up some groceries

Preview e2190e4d 7ffc 4a58 815b 4cc1609d1ac4
87 points

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

Preview 79644eeb 8c2e 4539 9ed9 aec0487ee1ab
101 points

There's a woman in my town waving to cars as she holds a sign that says "Anal Sex"

Preview bce8788b 5053 45ce 9ffe 02376e040d85
116 points

My trip to the edge of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Once in a lifetime event.

Preview 46cc2971 a430 456a a897 5c6eb2424bc8
64 points

London proposed to add this to its buildings in 1934 since infants needed "fresh air and sunlight"

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Preview 04f03af1 1c33 4359 9ab3 4113b9f56501
92 points

Meanwhile, In Walmart...

Preview a571a873 a25e 4add b49b c0b43b6e67e2
86 points

Standing Steel

Preview 9c2d1beb 704c 41ea a93b a9afd41bba33

BBQ Grill for sale in DFW area. Cant seem to figure out whats wrong with it.........

Preview 87a20c91 e246 40ae a4c1 4081e4d6b3c1
75 points

Car crashes through parking lot wall into an underpass

Preview ea567dc0 ae72 4361 adc6 a906200dd350
67 points

First day back at school

Preview 729ced18 279d 4314 b5ea aa422f96ffac
88 points

Sorry for any inconvenice.

Preview a9bde690 f652 47ed 818a df6e28c942f5
83 points

Maximum overload

Preview db14103d 91a5 4625 9d04 263ed8e58f4e
51 points

Ermagerd! A shoestring!

Preview 7f2f10ea 3296 476b 8a36 40b9c33f970b
76 points

looks safe

Preview f10abc50 edc2 4b4d bff2 5ce9f9c603d8
60 points

In a parallel universe

Preview 4a74083f 24ce 4740 a8a6 bbf0574c0990
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