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Such opportunities don't come often

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Good'ol time

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Now here's a true confession!

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Okay that's amazing

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169 points

Everyone fight to survive ...

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134 points

When someone says your dog isn't that cute

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197 points

I (h)8 cigarettes

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106 points

When you know it's serious

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Parks and rec is life

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Her body is pretty good, but her face...

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99 points

What does the 'T' on the wall stand for?

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105 points

The picture speaks everything for itself..!!

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144 points

Luke screws up

Preview 83ba6db8 d900 40b4 b356 e1ca7b64abda
186 points

What does he say to his Barber?

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117 points

Internet not found , check online for solution .

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215 points

F*ck u Jeremy.

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258 points

When you sit down to take a dump and the toilet seat is freezing cold

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223 points

My friend found the Mexican Morgan Freeman in Mexico City.

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