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Laws are made to be broken

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128 points

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you see a toilet as a bus stop bench

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81 points

It’s tent caterpillar season in Northern Ontario. This is an elementary school

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85 points

Dad heard and felt some debris on top for the longest...

Preview e5988477 0f74 4ae5 9d9a 2252cdd6cc5a
113 points

True bro

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91 points

This road on my way to colorado

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80 points

Falling With Condoms in Public

51 points

Tarred by the Trump Brush

Preview d8b97019 75a1 4b67 9bf8 abb9c4212d24
94 points

Don't ignore cones.

Preview d79375f0 7afa 4b5a 862a 4689544f941c
84 points

Black baby in a plastic bag

Preview 97507a40 e64f 449e 8c05 420706ffbe60
114 points

My dad sent me this picture with the caption, "Deeeeeee-lish."

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78 points

Your slippers will feel much better with mulch in them, trust me.

Preview 4b5bf777 785c 48c4 b283 69b941f30b1c

Just walking around town.

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151 points

Atleast Fred Flintstone made it in to work this morning

Preview 08ed996b 1cd2 498e 9798 793cc644bd69
95 points

Man trapped inside vehicle after accident

Preview 866d4241 8b05 470f b7de a70804fa5c8a
157 points

Guess I’m not going to this target location.

Preview 2e42c342 b469 4e95 9233 9e9498f9f980
86 points

Someone making a statement in my neighborhood

Preview 4f046883 0163 4440 a2d6 86a57a746f44
95 points

Just couldn’t make it in time.

Preview af2d2fda ba70 47ac 9921 4303f29dae68
100 points

Looks like kids in a Totem Pole Trench Coat trying to buy alcohol

Preview 43f5c00a b019 4d91 9154 adb77234e57f
98 points

Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

Preview d4f44c30 594f 429a 904e 45f4963bdbe9
129 points

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