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Tarred by the Trump Brush

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76 points

Don't ignore cones.

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72 points

Black baby in a plastic bag

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98 points

My dad sent me this picture with the caption, "Deeeeeee-lish."

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63 points

Your slippers will feel much better with mulch in them, trust me.

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Atleast Fred Flintstone made it in to work this morning

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78 points

Man trapped inside vehicle after accident

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115 points

Guess I’m not going to this target location.

Preview 2e42c342 b469 4e95 9233 9e9498f9f980
70 points

Someone making a statement in my neighborhood

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75 points

Just couldn’t make it in time.

Preview af2d2fda ba70 47ac 9921 4303f29dae68
86 points

Looks like kids in a Totem Pole Trench Coat trying to buy alcohol

Preview 43f5c00a b019 4d91 9154 adb77234e57f
88 points

Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

Preview d4f44c30 594f 429a 904e 45f4963bdbe9
97 points

Bored in line at In-N-Out, these construction workers tried to see what they could reach with their measuring tape.

Preview 0dd40ff9 939a 4ee3 95e4 3047fc0b52b9
87 points

Using a flamethrower to shovel the driveway

Preview 30690a42 69d8 4654 aef9 39661236ceb8
89 points

Let's get some soup

Preview ee26ddc4 7f8f 4059 a0f7 c01c864179f1
71 points

Some guy made a walkway and patio with old grave markers.

Preview d454d963 aeb6 450d 9ef5 35af089d28d8
76 points

Smurf killed in hit and run in central London today.

Preview bf91b69a 0f75 4230 b936 d899b70d61c1
53 points

My little sister bought a car and it was stolen in less than a week, her roommate sent me this

Preview 1087de82 1d5b 454d b0e7 4dd37f39dcfa
104 points

Seems like a trap

Preview 00047258 77b5 4522 a715 eab314b65584
142 points

Someone has been going around town putting these up

Preview 0e1eb89b c1b5 4845 b9b8 ce9086c250a1
105 points

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