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Intel CEO sold $24m of his shares before a serious design flaw was made public. This is their proposed new sticker

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24 points

I’m not quite sure Fox News thought this graphic through...

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78 points


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24 points

I'll have two scoops of gelato, and human hair?

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65 points

Blaze It

Preview 341960d1 b72d 48f8 b816 90c32699fc36

It's just a wank, bro

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Preview e4025063 0a54 4785 9696 f77c07aa905c
80 points

New Satanic Temple Billboard.

Preview b9a43460 1991 4ab2 b01d 1809a8bbd8bd
80 points


Preview 3b5d9888 63f4 461e a00a e84b526e578c
70 points

Jesus, it's cold outside

Preview 483a8807 85b4 4416 b494 ff38820f1a69
67 points

A local restaurant takes parking seriously

Preview 77337671 89a5 4e2b b6e9 c57ff42128be
66 points

Set 'em up, and...

Preview 257e5c2b 1ca1 4e54 86b5 bc4900eee2b6
23 points

The Grim Reaper joined another marketing team

Preview 7fba0a4b 330e 4864 840c d77b05718199
21 points

Mum said no

Preview 01756154 c5ff 434c a839 5ce5975436b9
34 points

Ideas has no rights.

Preview 471cbb82 9cd5 4f89 b4b9 67038608631c
38 points

The Portable Masturbation Hut

Preview 62b3243d 1181 4dff 98a9 cc44d235f6cd

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

Preview 46e95a90 3f00 4f15 816b 1a22c2dd810b
20 points

Pizza Rolls

Preview f2143511 5e17 4b05 b49f 32f49c9f79dd
24 points

Sign at my local liquor store

Preview 3d88141e bdf9 43ac 8e5f c663967c4c2b
47 points

Finally, a cause I can get behind

Preview b2922ff1 c1c1 4296 b745 15388c69cf92
39 points

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