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I don't get it

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75 points

IHOP banning their most lucrative customer base

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82 points

Advice for beginner yogaists

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90 points

That's going to save you a lot more than $600

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78 points

Dating in a nutshell.

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99 points

Someone in my neighborhood was getting angry because people were pissing in front of a building where he lives. He ended up hanging this sign

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88 points

Sort your shit out, Timmy!

Preview c2d62923 e75a 4893 84b8 9e5981ebf685

Clever advice though

Preview 9fc44049 2cd2 48d5 ba8f 6e61564f6df7
49 points

What about brown ones ?

Preview 90915aba 96de 4b69 8e9f c9d4651b7a2b
76 points

Guns and Roses have sure toned it down..

Preview bfcef01e 608c 4646 a115 1ae22911493b
55 points

These were on r/funny separately and needed to be together:

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56 points

Some next level snitchery

Preview a86c8114 28c3 4597 8a6d 7a99e1da15b7
51 points

How to win an argument

Preview 3f19e861 e6ff 48a6 917c 69a97ddf803e
53 points

Too true

Preview 0fcb0b90 bb86 45d2 b877 c7c056f31d82
57 points

Ditch Netflix be vintage

Preview 6ddb4131 719b 4993 8cd2 ac308bbfc454
65 points

Their feet can barely touch the pedals...cut them some slack

Preview 14658de9 fe4f 428f a619 7de0e3b4453b
46 points

I really HOPE they listen....

Preview a8dde172 22d2 4750 b834 2dbfefaa1488
78 points

A woman down the street has this sign posted in her back yard with a floodlight illuminating it at night for traffic to see. Brenda lives directly across the street.

Preview ed90c775 8fcd 4343 92e1 fe287631b77d
93 points

Do it yourself at Walmart

Preview 02d14e08 eaf6 4eed 87ab 04cfeb99967a
107 points

"But people might think I'm stupid!"

Preview 6073339c 1788 4402 83ed 1bc2b3b8be4a
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