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I’d be really impressed if anyone can lift a box like this.

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92 points

As advertised.

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Clever advice though

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132 points

Sorry, eh?

Preview c71b2ff7 aff3 4b95 af11 a2b3187c4a70
91 points

Restaurant ain't taking no shit

Preview cf1422b3 18dc 4000 b23d c41ff38b94c2
112 points

Laws are made to be broken

Preview 91710964 4ec5 4bad a41e b6e90e2c71dd
111 points

Something I saw while home depot.

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95 points

One day...

Preview c17e4db2 f0f8 46d2 b638 171d922293b8
115 points

As Long as the Waiters Keep their Pants On

Preview 34915692 776a 4118 b3af 7cbdb9ca3332
101 points

I think I'll go somewhere eles.

Preview b06aec0f 1a6e 4131 b31f 9b6eb770a769
76 points

When you didn't think you were gonna see a bridge but then you see a bridge

Preview 948c2e70 a6b1 4b82 872a 08093f311490
63 points

Funny hotel sign I saw today

Preview 9def3520 cda7 4ac1 9a5f 0eec99650d24
113 points

It is true though

Preview ea7ed276 121d 4053 a080 7454bf3bb755
105 points

Yes, I worry about that a lot.

Preview 504e1517 d9ea 4298 9431 fc5e48cda7b9
58 points

Ho's do make the best pies.

Preview 56d9bc67 f84b 4a77 8600 0a30fbdc0a41
114 points

Kansas City really lets tourists have a good time

Preview 44384301 4074 4168 9fcb 7597d2b77eff
97 points

Honest Benadryl Ad

Preview 55c495a0 e630 478e 974e 81f1868545ad
86 points

A-a-and we got ya'

Preview e9436d36 a580 4e7d b72d 1c52c1cc0b77
55 points

Thanks, sign!

Preview bb701fe3 a205 4eac aa41 c6709ea7c48e
84 points

Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up..

Preview 9c4743cf c6ca 4bac 8032 febafebcff92
125 points

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