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Guns & Sand Club

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138 points


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126 points

New Satanic Temple Billboard.

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150 points

For those on the highway to hell

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109 points

Hard to admit it but true anyways

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106 points

So...who wrote this?

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133 points

Jesus, it's cold outside

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239 points

If you can read this, you're not a train.

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142 points

When local veterans get a billboard...

Preview 6d9fc4ae 1cb0 48ac b2b8 be6dc77d50c2
109 points

while exploring a petting zoo.

Preview b89de776 daa4 47a5 b3d0 24f6c7d0c860
135 points

Mother nature dropping Jenny's number

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103 points

The cost of a case of Gatorade in Seattle at CostCo because of the new "sugary drink tax".

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98 points

I didn’t ask for this

Preview 6fca3bb8 44e4 4b6d 9123 3d10b2edec41
97 points

A local restaurant takes parking seriously

Preview 77337671 89a5 4e2b b6e9 c57ff42128be
126 points

Set 'em up, and...

Preview 257e5c2b 1ca1 4e54 86b5 bc4900eee2b6
126 points

If I had 1$ for every happy day in my life I would now have 0$

Preview 16351f2e d2ce 4c82 9d42 b59f9b749d84
111 points

If you eat the Devils corn, you will choke on his cob.

Preview 5be5ae21 d72e 4a6e 8c0f 06b42515611f
86 points

Nailing the basics.

Preview 19b31da0 98d5 4061 81b6 826900f66f9e
113 points

The Sign Outside a Church in my Town

Preview 87c38b3d 90ae 43ca 88a1 1b621daa9c2f
98 points

Last Christmas...

Preview 94972ae2 0531 4f6d a383 f2b4d8f2945f
103 points

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