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Museums in Denmark don’t fuck around

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7 points

One does not simply do a crossover

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85 points


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78 points


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91 points

Vote for Sheriff

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79 points

Hey mom, they have your movie!

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80 points

Not Haunted

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113 points

This sign at the garden.

Preview 3782fa35 c54f 4b32 8342 8b58686add08
76 points

Isn't it?

Preview 66a02d54 b418 4e8a 895c a19de076a4c4
96 points

Carrie Fisher's advice to Daisy Ridley

Preview ca7fc314 e70d 4045 bf2b d1329c085b71
97 points

No idea officer

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75 points

Bill gates was a dropout.

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73 points

Going this fast doesn't take you to the Hogwarts Express though...

Preview bbba1834 bc8f 4aa9 aa69 895ece8d7106
56 points

Thanks tesco

Preview 586b52c3 713f 42ad b6b6 94129c49108b
62 points

Hey Mark!

Preview 26eacde5 32a0 4a46 b48a 27748702749b
78 points

A sign by the airport in Helsinki, Finland

Preview 284273e7 e5a3 41d3 9d79 193784ee5131
78 points

I would expect nothing less at the Florida Strawberry Festival.

Preview 8caf948a 56f2 4a22 9356 c0769da6d7f5
68 points

There may be a connection...

Preview 8e865cce b04e 4a4e a224 34abb0feab91
68 points

Good to know. Summer will be here soon.

Preview 9ec673bb 00a6 40c5 afb7 c5f91e2f5579
99 points

Sister is driving through the states and taking one picture per state. Here you have Missouri.

Preview 6716b9fd a16f 4398 b445 dc0e394858aa
82 points

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