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Just gonna pull over and check the view.

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Keanu Reeves on his sex scene with the director's wife

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145 points

I was only looking to go on an adventure...

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186 points

Yeah… let's put those two signs together

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83 points

Surprise motherfucker

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78 points

Fun OMG xD

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86 points

Really specific speed limit!

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137 points

A worthy opponent.

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135 points


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178 points

Capitalism meets sarcasm

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173 points

master of hiding stuff

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160 points

Stranger things kids seem to handle the hosts well..

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190 points

‘‘Tis the season to be soggy

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190 points

How to win business

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143 points


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215 points

Jesus is watching....what?

Preview b2290bad ad6b 4b6f 9cf0 9c72bafe1fb0
139 points

Animal Cruelty

Preview 502028de 5506 4d02 a0cf 69f6b02b315c
153 points

Always give 100%

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178 points

Lmao What you guys do?

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157 points

My bird-loving mom who gets to work from home in Northeastern PA.

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