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Z is for Traumatized

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14 points

This truck I passed in Idaho.

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16 points

Who gave dad the password to the ODOT message signs?

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104 points

This costume

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160 points


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A woman down the street has this sign posted in her back yard with a floodlight illuminating it at night for traffic to see. Brenda lives directly across the street.

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80 points

Do it yourself at Walmart

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95 points

Me in grade school

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102 points

Late stage capitalism

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86 points

Basically the same movie...

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72 points

Super bowl ads

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79 points

That moment.

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70 points

Kinda smart

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"But people might think I'm stupid!"

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83 points

Our town church ofter has clever headlines.

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78 points

Saw it, stole it, new text

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69 points

This gas station sign really gets me.

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74 points

Isn't this type of activity kind of illegal?

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67 points

Grandma didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.

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73 points

The Cera-Berg Evolutions

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