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Some next level snitchery

Preview a86c8114 28c3 4597 8a6d 7a99e1da15b7
58 points

Ditch Netflix be vintage

Preview 6ddb4131 719b 4993 8cd2 ac308bbfc454
68 points

Chinese Restaurant

Preview c7d8e165 5a63 4eaa 991c e1455aed3223
86 points

I'll have 6 soups please

Preview 9d0bffdc 4724 4fa4 81e8 56f4aca58390
64 points

Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

Preview ec287eac 7930 4d27 a06a 70edf57bc3d5
58 points

Step 1: bring wife and a friend. Step 2: say you and your friend are a couple. Step 3: ... step 4: profit

Preview 92eaf485 801c 4dac 9146 4521c719f63e
108 points

Let's stick with "restaurants that sound like sex acts" for 800$ Alex

Preview 5ce35e0d 34f5 4391 89c1 7fd1b3d78fa8
84 points

Bless you!

Preview bedf9638 fa69 4afa 8c12 36b999659d85
11 points

Saturday Night Special

Preview 195443db d904 4d45 acdd 3fb7b6ba7323
65 points

Don't buy property next to a farm...

Preview 388736cc b6bf 4f1c 9fd9 76a3a2f1bb30
15 points

This is hilarious!

Preview 635dcc11 cb1f 41fa 8cb1 448793d0b26f
200 points

In Fremont, Earth

Preview 2e36d461 87c5 48be 8e07 3cd5feebf864
54 points

When it's against your morals but you've got a business to run

Preview d8bb2464 135f 4598 b00c 8d420ac801ff
111 points

Watch out!

Preview 81ce4bb7 9d68 4bf2 bff8 195bee050644
18 points

Wait... What?

Preview a49e9bce d896 4971 8a9e 66509daac8d5
297 points

Don't be afraid to share your ideas.

Preview 9ffac83c 305e 418c 9bab dffa681af7fc
128 points

2 second dog

Preview 8c1d672e ca68 476c adfd 06c0bf04a78d
157 points

No true Spiderman fans

Preview e80ea747 70fb 41c6 8fc2 6431db3c0af6
107 points

PSA: Please don't smoke your alcohol dogs.

Preview 54fa2a32 7e41 450e 934f 5befdf67b245
144 points

We all scream for ice cream

Preview 54964678 8b92 46b6 a045 5443c34d93fd
192 points

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