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What happens when you get to the bottom of the ocean.

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My wife took this pic of my dad and my son on vacation. I love it!

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What happens when you get to the bottom of the ocean.

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What a plot twist

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I am blessed with my intelligence

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Yay. I think.

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I had better ideas in my life.

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Wallpaper of the day

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Beautiful Nature

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From the sky. Leaving Texas.

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Perfect shot

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Still wondering how did I beat those college applicants in valuation exam. Guess 10 year experience as painter paid off.

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I have to say that those were a really nice pair

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Laughter quickly turned into looks of shock and disgust

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Helmet cutaways

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Finally... today

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The girl's name was Alice, and the stories were published under the alias Lewis Carroll

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Well then

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The Walking Debt

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