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Fashion trends... the good ol' times were awesome

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Hurling a thermos of hot tea at -40°C/F near the Arctic Circle by Michael Davies

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15 points

"Throw me dad!"

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Neat asf

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19 points

The infamous afro eclipse

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13 points

In Soviet Russia...

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The pussy-cat

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I'm in a monotonous rut... might start doing drugs to spice things up

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I got the job guys!

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13 points

I am blessed with my intelligence

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When you try to get a good view of the eclipse.

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Kids dressed as shadows for Halloween. Their mother bought black morph suits for them then layered black clothes over those.

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Rest In Pieces, Timmy.

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2 points

After the silence, I walked away.

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2 points

Best. Magic. Trick. Ever.

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3 points

Well it's true..!

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Awkward AF!

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What happens when you get to the bottom of the ocean.

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Best trilogy ever, fight me bro

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