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Thou shalt covet .

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62 points

Banned from Flat Earth

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65 points

2 Minutes Left in the Game

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Waiting in line

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78 points

IKEA founder passed away

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90 points

Look Mom , I can Catch The Sun

Preview c686969c 7fcf 4082 9ef9 a0176513ffc6

Well technically, the same number of people not wanting to date you, but whatever, you know what I mean.

Preview 93c5b93c 1515 469e bfcb 4bb94ecf2a87
89 points

The Real MVPs

Preview f3d49aab 5f01 407d a9ad fa567381265a
110 points

Two surfers catching waves under the pier

Preview 64849396 93fa 409a 8cc4 51654fb5f6ee

Ventura, CA. 200,000 acres burned only 10% contained.

Preview 2a5e4b60 c172 47c2 9a52 e0e48f4e92fa
22 points

A heartwarming series of Pic....Oh

Preview 8ebf8ea3 ddc0 418c 969d ef4d1116fab3

Coming Soon

Preview fcc08320 c631 489c 9b33 6cba8e48788d
68 points

Those days!

Preview 49ff0094 9e3f 4fff ad25 e5eb7b6583d0
72 points

I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

Preview 2a03d723 5563 41be 9ce8 87878758973a
58 points

Kids dressed as shadows for Halloween. Using black morph suits

Preview 160f55f8 c650 49ff a34d f58767d0320c
38 points

Massive gas fire in Oakland county Michigan

Preview a11d98c5 773d 4b60 882d 798d449ef78b
58 points

Where real men cry

Preview 282e7ba3 9fd3 4e3c 8281 cd9ba19c1e0c
49 points

Never underestimate your opponent

Preview 7fd4ce08 d127 436e bccd 6f6e4e1283d1

Nothing weird about that ^^

Preview bf33b9b9 a390 43b5 95fd 5660f682c61b
44 points


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