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Service pupper --> service doggo

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23 points

Hate it when happens

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77 points

Meat lover

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20 points

My wife and I adopted this coonhound mix last week. She's 9 weeks today.

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17 points

Pls mr hand ur doin me a concern

Preview bdac3051 f2e0 4565 88b6 7d1f3a91be28
14 points

Get it???

Preview c4a175f0 0a72 4cdb a645 af91aed38bf6
11 points

I don't know who is he, but I wanna know his story

Preview 92e0bd6a 3575 4329 b04f 9fe78006d3b7
73 points

The best stat of all time

Preview 07540bff 53fa 48c5 80d4 a0712c832839
89 points

I thought I could be the unluckiest immortal

Preview 8c754dee 1c3e 4b22 be14 df07b2e376fe
72 points

Please don't !

Preview 05043791 4f6f 4800 94a2 a81431ecd60e
78 points

Got to love the city

Preview b686cf46 bde6 4884 8aee 25f5c5d10a12
22 points


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9 points

Does your dog bite?

Preview d2eca12f d512 480b 9ae9 c1ee965d0a4f
9 points

Giving birth is tiring.

Preview ac9cbf11 ab25 4a3b bc0f c3aee8ac0967
15 points

What an asshole

Preview 7c52ef3e 1cc1 482f ae82 1d5a38829143
21 points

Halp me human

Preview 970da800 a88c 41b1 8440 173e0605f9a9
12 points

This poorly conceived humane society ad.

Preview 45d6b645 e1de 48f3 9391 cd2e324f6b50
15 points

Drake and Josh had some great moments.

Preview 6b689ded 707f 4f62 9715 0cc413306c1c
13 points

I am a banker in Germany. I don't have any prejudices, but looking at several accounts make me shake my head.

Preview 7352f2b8 5abd 4486 8b57 80d8055bb4a9
15 points

This hit me really hard.

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