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Oh kurwa!

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"I only destroyed ONE of the doors"

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A dog with it's own pop art portrait.

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8 points

My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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12 points

Because you need to browse dank memes on a date. duh.

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5 points

Recovered so well. Mashmello.

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14 points

Actually, I crunched the numbers again. Aaaannd, it looks like you can afford more treats for me.

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9 points

My most cate in the world.

Preview 3591ad3a 3585 474d 903a b8948d984b65

Cate fight!!

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12 points

Yes,I can hear them

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When shit gets really real

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9 points

It must've bean unbearable

Preview 4c47e8a8 3300 4e2f 90fa 7d39c2f02cb5

When I tell him he looks handsome

Preview 999b9a92 c589 4095 a7a4 ce4ddfd56de7

All aboard the Express Train to Feeladelphia,next stop Ocrio

Preview 1ea2e679 0939 4ff9 a170 1f5fcad21c31

I see your dog...and show you sunshine (cat's name)

Preview 8fb06ba9 116c 4909 9b17 1679b5286ab3
10 points

I see your overly attached dog...and show you one hungry cat

Preview 783feba1 7164 4574 8f3d 3d0918c97889

Nee from the day she came home to almost a year later

Preview 675fcd9c c9e9 4ac2 984b a30ff373c479

And probably gonna do it again

Preview f8e2d4e6 1278 4daf 8115 ec48551f1820
4 points

B O Y E does a evolve

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