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The jerk has his own bed

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My aunt took this photo of her's and her son's dog

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Straight up used his brothers head as a seat to get a better view of outside world

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'Nam flashback

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Peanut Butter Vampire

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Getting caught

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Playtime with Grandma

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Little brothers, amirite?

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When face swap goes horribly right.

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Hi. Can i get you a drink?

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This would be my response to her leaving for sure

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In my day!

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The everlasting fight for the corner spot

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His face when I brought out his toy

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That 70s Show had some great lines.

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Sounds good

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I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, "Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog be groomed." DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Katie Hopkins.

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