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Math for the win...

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23 points

Pokemon Go does not give a f*ck

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15 points


Preview bc98592b 6749 4b9e a00f eb2074ae2d89
17 points

No one's home... a perfect time to...

Preview 15c59617 d7e7 4a48 82f8 46d5527b586b
24 points

Satan's Sacraficial Waterfall...

Preview 82149ff0 f750 462c ab72 d2d20ab310b0
104 points

Lil marco

Preview 30163a89 4343 4f69 b4e5 94939044ef11
20 points

A whole new level of philosophy

Preview 9e2eaeaf 9a79 46c0 8c57 4df6c550ac0d
67 points

Pumped up kicks

Preview 5699ae85 253b 4f16 bb17 2d3f2e72f750
66 points

Time to sell the body for apple maniacs

Preview a4634557 1309 46a5 9eed 6b378fd152b0
17 points

Brexit everybody!

Preview becf7787 9dc0 44b2 8f70 7007fe720754

The all time top post in this sub is a repost of the all time number two post.

Preview 61957f6d c3f0 4a86 bf3e 0b1dacaf6e7f

I knew it !

Preview e0191ada 9980 4d8e 8088 9e101544758e
21 points

Game of Thrones S7E4, Summed Up In Text Messages

Preview db9f0c1f bcb9 486f b727 7ae3e179b3b5

Amazon Prime is becoming The Borg. Resistance is futile.

Preview c9b988f6 9099 44c0 9764 dde959380dbd
19 points

Help me,son

Preview 09cc66ba 0e11 466b 8071 f6f6e009ad54
75 points

Its time for Pokemon Go!

Preview abbf1ba1 7380 4444 881e f3a33ad2b788
18 points

Selling a bike

Preview 457dc8d8 4b45 4ba7 94b7 d05c988e1702
69 points

Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

Preview d443f32d 57d1 45a2 961a e2a43c643f6c

Dark joke time

Preview e81ae519 eee3 4225 9dbf c68e8f7d0d6d
22 points

X-post r/DankMemes

Preview d7539aab ab00 4272 b3ee 2baa432f5e1b

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