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2 very good points

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Higher dan de sky

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78 points

My BF1 killstreak was also neat, but...

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In case you wondered

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167 points

Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, Proves Parenting Is Fun

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4 points

Selling a bike

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2 points

So f**king true

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3 points

How to make pancakes

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Typical Canadian dick pick offering

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Isn't this Craig?

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Oh jeez..

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Come on over

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255 points

Hulk Hogan predicted 9-11 don't be blind !

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93 points

My aunt is marrying a sheriff. Their invitation nearly gave everyone a heart attack.

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141 points

Oh shiiiiit

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142 points

It's f*cked up that no one will just be friends w me.

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164 points

Pornhub coming up big with the homework help

Click to open
122 points

Valid argument.

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148 points

No its not.. its completely normal right?

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