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Classic drake and josh

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People who do this should be put on a no fly list

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4 points

Terrible service

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10 points

House at its finest

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77 points

It was a good morning indeed

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79 points

Anyone too?

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A gentleman never asks a lady her age

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After 9 years of being with us, my 16 year old lab-cross passed away today. She nibbled my fingers through the cage of the shelter cubicle a

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Get your shit tgt Jeremy

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Today I flew on the set of a nightmare.

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Bamboozled again

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11 points

What again?

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13 points

Just billionaire things

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169 points

Can you tell I love my home country Finland?

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Better than Subway does

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Describe your post...

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All fake news

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My dog vs. other dogs

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True bromance. #nohomo

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