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Just a woman on a public bus smoking heroin off of tinfoil..

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95 points

Took a picture on a train when this guys looked up. Now I feel like he’s coming to get me

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Mark Zuckerburg sitting on a booster seat

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126 points

Good old Zuc

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124 points

Little Diddy....with Jack and Diane.

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74 points

safety first!

Preview bc1500d1 6eca 4af9 bc10 4cc91ad08239
59 points

Me as a husband and dad

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80 points

My in-laws were uptight about the family photos. How long until they notice this slight edit?

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Shoots six warning shots in the face

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103 points

My dog when someone knocks on my door

Preview f798d5a1 daf7 4ca2 b61a 870c1300eb10
108 points

Finally compiled pictures from all the fun road trips my wife and I take!

Preview add2e4d6 dfce 4121 84b1 c5e2c9d3b974
114 points

My life summed up...

Preview dc8219c5 20c5 4809 bcbf 58f5d1755b49
93 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

Preview f04aa2df 64fe 45ff 96f5 5a833f4e0b3d

Sorry m'ladies

Preview 60d65fcc f812 483a 9a8c e455ce79ead5
101 points


Preview 5d9793f2 cab7 49c2 9975 5fe74f9cee07
107 points

Getting caught

Preview 0102cc4e 2a7f 4dd3 914c 9cd5a8efafcb
131 points

Is there life after death?

Preview f69d8a18 969a 41fd 8f4b ca6b29c3cadd
95 points

Flat Earthers also be like..

Preview d33fc08e b0bb 45a2 b750 fcf64ec15f9b
81 points

Sounds good

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