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An American exchange student got stuck in a statue of a vagina in a German university.

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Why that's a nice shirt.

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Someone has to take the inititive!

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I got the modeling job! I'm gonna be a model!

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My brother returned from South Korea today, after being there for over a year in the military. This was my welcome home sign to him.

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Still a funny guy

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Funny Skateboarding Fail Prank in public

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Walked past this scene the other day. Some shit was definitely going down...

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Radical Islam

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Best of Sean Greene's Hill Bombs


I can't be the only one thinking this

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136 points

Maybe an overreaction

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Talking About Insanity! Skateboarders Show Off Their Skills At The Craziest Terrain In Mexico

342 points

She's the next Tony Hachmed

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168 points

Brilliant Skateboarders Skate Around The World With Superb Skills

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