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The ultimate betrayal...

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73 points

Keep on going

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74 points

I'm sure everything will be ok...

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Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of kind of cheating ?

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60 points

These skateboarders.


what Canadians do in their free time

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Oops, it was bigger than expected.

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Police stop at a Canadian half marathon

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95 points

Funny Skateboarding Fail Prank in public

24 points

Walked past this scene the other day. Some shit was definitely going down...

Preview 0190e1af 99b7 47d2 990d 23dee360330f
78 points

Now I know why Adidas pants have a vertical stripe and the sneakers stripes have an angle

Preview c711c464 dc86 4018 8263 75a02b4b68be
139 points

Good thing they had a photographer to snap their bike stunts

Preview ea73fcfd 247c 49fc 8579 2e7f6f1e799a

Jumping off the edge

Preview f807a7e1 2f32 4fdc 87fc b1e3cb78e182

My little sister bought a car and it was stolen in less than a week, her roommate sent me this

Preview 1087de82 1d5b 454d b0e7 4dd37f39dcfa
105 points

Radical Islam

Preview d8de5afd bbd4 4079 884b 6c5cef66828c
77 points

Trial by combat!

Preview 7a06eea8 7719 4d34 b10a a2b22f3065a2
117 points

Browsing Google Street View today...

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