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This is true..

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223 points

I'd watch the hell out of this!

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133 points

Naughty Victorian "hand" book ;P

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193 points

Check this out !!I'm tryna prank people ON Chat roulette


Astronomy Guy.

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115 points

I say we give it a shot!

Preview 73fe40f9 b4d0 4bca 9b4c 746711f0e89f
260 points

Vagation is where it’s at..

Preview 50b2e464 7569 4ed2 a3ab b4c11a1d66f6
150 points

Spray Paint Car Prank ON MOM!

15 points

Water Bottle Squeeze Prank On Mom!

16 points

Why science teachers should not be given playground duty.

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156 points

Old but Gold, Einstein after sex

Preview f9685b45 e977 4fe2 9f7a ce0f524594c1
143 points

You better have Mickey's Money.

Preview bbff1fce 5e67 40aa 8b86 4b75ffd81a3b
105 points


Preview 7c1c4dae 6b2a 421a 97f7 1467c5a9e08f
89 points

The Way to Create a Sociopath

Preview 9c54a2cb 1ab0 4e6f 920c df35ac13ca4c
115 points

My favorite anthro-related Far Side comic

Preview c21a3e93 7408 4b29 98b4 8b275539ac84
150 points

Chicken Slaughterhouse Protest Prank

56 points

One of my students draws little booties on the characters in his illustrations of word problems and I can’t stop laughing.

Preview 68e29b22 9ed3 4972 96a6 f41d691e09be
150 points


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108 points

This is way too accurate

Preview 5ef22936 9505 4b84 b9cb 44a3da1447f5
109 points


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