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Barotrauma refers to injury caused by extreme air or water pressure. This can happen to your eyes as a result.

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Real sweaty

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I had a dream that my cat was biting me. I wake up to pain, open my eyes, and her teeth are in my arm.

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I coughed up a staple from a lung lobectomy performed in August 2016.

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Eye with Keratoconus at 300%

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The beauty always stands in the eye of the beer-holder...

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Reconstructive surgery of my hand

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lymphedema is a bad time.

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WTF?! I just pulled a four rooted molar this afternoon. I thought these only existed in textbooks!

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83 points

My hands after a shower

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My friends freaky tongue

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Anyone know what these dots are on my hands? Had no where else to post this.

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Centipede foot

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When yo girl get mad and gets ready to key your car

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83 points

Important science tip

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How nice of... wait

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