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I'm gonna sleep now... guys?

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These are highly addictive and will destroy your health over time

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132 points

The thanks I get for catching this falling armadillo!

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136 points

Felt something crawling on my hand so I squeezed my hand shut, turned the light on to find this...

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90 points


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97 points

Guy I work with has no fingernails

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83 points

Me: *saves the game* My brain:

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111 points

He’s Screwed

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84 points


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100 points

Not again

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110 points

Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest, ca. 1895

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105 points

Felt a sharp itch in my eye while driving home... Found this guy shortly after.

Preview 94a1c7e6 0bbe 491e 98e6 53e3f1de0b09
100 points

That face when the pizza rolls are ready

Preview c97f2499 9425 4cfd 90f5 9f92efb1b60c
39 points

My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans

Preview b7b0671e 00ad 4ae3 a4d4 0a635773dd6f
87 points

These nails.

Preview b45d441f 30e8 4996 86aa f7d0d6ffdd0a
85 points

A womb with a view

Preview 3b6ca042 cb27 4e54 8584 66a7d33982b0
93 points

Transparent lip plates. Portland.

Preview 93d999a2 dbfc 4df6 a051 eebeb0e0d93a
94 points

Thicc nails

Preview 86db305d e9ec 40e7 92b0 8c612439d492
108 points

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