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The almighty Königstiger

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Uploading a tank every day #22: SdKfz 184 Elefant (Germany)

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11 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #150 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

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10 points

Harsh chess

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84 points

Haaaaans !

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Preview 27cdeb06 ced0 473c 891e 4abf2398f37d
2 points

When you want to be an operator but you like pizza

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2 points

What happens when you hit a can of starting fluid with a lawn mower.

Preview d475eb17 60b4 4cb1 bc49 7c8009ff6c0a
7 points

Do not underestimate!

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1 points

Oooold joke

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Never forget what u are fighting for

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105 points

Never forget about it "otakus"

Preview bc2e8fd1 6ab8 41d7 8798 0a8c9614f978
108 points

Holstered Attack Dogs.

Preview 6f6bf539 72d3 4b23 87e6 f923f07da705
164 points

Volvo is love, Volvo is life

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154 points

F**k the religion

Preview b21d7f74 4d94 427d a437 938a44366e2b
214 points

TV show vs Book.

Preview 3c9271d7 39fc 409e b794 4067777ac8e6

Man for scale..I bet you didn't see it

Preview f84ed60e 4c2e 4bd0 9750 c889a0b8ac4c
137 points


Preview 16ee441c ee1d 45f5 8ded 078cc313fc44
104 points

Oh boy

Preview fee64434 e80e 481c af67 95b0e367d293
120 points

What do you guys think..??? Modern Deus Vult

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91 points

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