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Uploading a second world war photography everyday #39 German Sturmgeschutz column

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6 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #221 HMAS Vampire

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15 points

Democracy is non negotiable

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72 points

Fact #13

Preview baa6e0e3 942b 400d bb0f 5a8789b5cc4d
15 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #155 IJN Takao

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11 points

Here comes S O L D I E R B O Y E

Preview c8600d06 bcb2 4ec7 8a49 208167a1d254
21 points

About to go medieval on yo ass

Preview 7f20418e b857 4795 88c9 4e6b6114f6aa
19 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #152 Vittorio Veneto

Preview ac8ab256 89a2 4d95 98b1 fb80ad512c8e
22 points

Yep, this is it

Preview 1ea28526 424a 4d72 a7d3 8b9d63d2ef48

Uploading a second world war photography everyday #45 British Recon armoured car "Humber Scout" and an A34 Comet in Northern Germany 1945.

Preview c0dfa76c 654b 4fae 9427 054b20e64b45
101 points

Some beautiful Devian Art.

Preview 78a290e9 d03a 4382 a2ee d53a1f486f35
16 points

5 colorization from US during WWII

Preview e5dc08cf 61d9 40ae 929f b479f9b592d4
14 points

Uploading a tank every day #24: Tiger (P) (Germany)

Preview be6f1cde 30ef 439c ac90 be3195191e54
21 points

They called it the "whoops-missile"

Preview 82be3b92 873c 4bab ac5f da65fc05dc14
19 points

Shut up carl

Preview e409b7a7 72f5 437c bfe7 bd2e4fb7086f
2 points

How chess is supposed to be placed

Preview 85dc9d4c 811c 4ac0 bc87 099852144bf1
8 points


Preview 447185c2 341a 4306 bf09 8d0a28824dfa
10 points

Awesome map of europe during the great war (I don't know the creator)

Preview 026229b2 3fa9 408d a9bf 747ad46b67eb

Major Erik Bonde smokes a cigarette after being hit by two bullets, 1962.

Preview 628fb48f 37aa 4c0a 870e 3a59407a6bf9
109 points

Truly amazing

Preview 7ea5fdc1 d8ab 455c b006 97aa1f665436

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