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This is Gold!

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82 points

Best use for ex-wife's wedding dress... snow camo!

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21 points

I met a hooker who said she’d do anything for $20

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87 points

Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Frozen, had to be Elsa for Halloween, because her daughter made her do it.

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101 points

Mirror,mirror on the floor....

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Emma Watson

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No thiccness for me thx

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77 points

Something went wrong...

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85 points

My buddy was the United Airlines Passenger

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89 points

Females be complaining about "man-spreading" but acting like woman-spreading don't exist

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108 points

Anna Nystrom

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105 points

Deer comes the bride!

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6 points

Girl at the peak of the dance

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Emma Watson

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Kylie Jenner's thick hips

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