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Transparent Water and the Pro-Photography

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18 points

I captured the sunset while I was in the canoe.

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My sister got to decide the CVS sign today

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23 points

Night sky on the Baltic Sea

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11 points

Milky Way over Monument Valley

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16 points

Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

Preview d59b2243 4679 47e8 9bbf 6b56065cf61c
21 points

I will just go around those blinking things

Preview 1edc0e76 a8e3 4088 aca4 617f68c792f7
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Preview 15ec35b1 7c4b 40e3 a7b0 552a471aaa5b

Well, I guess I'm going to Cleburne...

Preview 74e423b6 85d3 46a4 8a72 d3069e176652
64 points

Sat on a crane

Preview 7e7ee500 cd83 44a3 b7e4 53ac3638809b

Took this pic while hiking in Norway

Preview 65d8486c e06e 4b2f b928 d9248199f723
15 points

My shot of the diamond ring. Taken over western North Carolina.

Preview 9fd76378 fcd3 4953 9199 d12b33671aab
85 points

My office view today

Preview 97d49f3e 2b56 4828 bf76 1b84eba3d238
18 points

Canadian Sunset

Preview c41fab10 841c 4326 9329 be3e55aeec3a
12 points

Recess back in the 1900s

Preview 9d69f4df 134a 4764 a2ba 035489efd000
58 points

The Swiss really know how to build amazing castles, in the most awesome places!

Preview 31f7fbb7 4d4b 4f41 8f21 85686a9fef07
18 points

Long exposure photo of airplane's takeoff.

Preview b1dc5b5f fe84 4b27 9430 aa62fb8eed61
96 points

Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

Preview 2871e3a9 8ded 4def 8f68 923be1472b8c
19 points

It was my first hurricane...

Preview cb8db3f3 ebbe 4412 a016 4a39c2a28a5a
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