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“Promise you’ll drive slow”

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5 points

Don’t look down...

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Jesus is watching....what?

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108 points

Always give 100%

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137 points

Macaque pillaging a trash can

Preview c5212c9d f9b0 4263 a5e3 b5f44714139f
143 points

My brother lost his board when he was surfing in Hawaii

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109 points

Well, well, well

Preview 5d5b8272 c2cf 4b62 a23c 21e29da6d64f
113 points

Timing and symmetry.

Preview f9a4e779 f117 4014 90e1 b893c1bb124d

Senior prank at School on friday

Preview a48688d8 d94e 4ee1 aeca c8e8d5df302a
126 points

Gandalf The Pug

Preview 74ddae84 4c15 4f02 b7d7 85cd9202de0d
107 points

nope, just going to avoid this

Preview 9bdac7d9 31fe 43d4 9585 92f55c02cf69

High school classmate posted this on IG today - 🤮

Preview 62ccd6da 664b 4fe9 a37a 8c5bb79c9039

Airplane looks like it is landing on the truck!

Preview a96fe7c6 aa5d 472a b3c1 508d1d09b8b8

Modern Titanic Relaunch

Preview 9aff544b f88e 4b66 8d1a 8a1bd22d8227

So true!

Preview 94bc9cec 8003 47ab 843f 620594672a11
100 points

Much wow

Preview 911c59d9 3cc9 43c0 95c9 8ba66c308f5f

Mid-air struggle behind the newly wed.

Preview 5b3df925 3f9e 43b6 9b7a 670f0dc9b824

Cloud over natural gas flares

Preview 5fe64ac5 dc36 4d85 8c07 69ee89d6bbe0

ITAP of thunderclouds at sunset when a lightning appeared just at the right moment

Preview d8ffa1f2 ff60 49d0 bd5d 66595bc008a4
113 points

Close enough

Preview abfc0aa8 2321 4a63 9320 4538f0eff515
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