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The Arizona 101 this morning

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Two people appearing as one in the sun in snowy Reykjavík today!

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What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

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Lake Michigan lightning from my old balcony in Edgewater, Chicago

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Billboard in Austin.

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Accurate AF

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Wind Turbine in my home town snapped in half

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Questions that need to be answered

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Where's Derek?

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Oops, it was bigger than expected.

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Driver didn’t notice till he got to the fuel pump

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Perfectly-timed photo of a flock of sparrows aligning just right to take the shape of a giant bird

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Ready for takeoff

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My Room View!

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747 from a 787

Preview 67355311 b486 4146 8ec9 21a0c54f0e8d

Explosion from Washington Michigan

Preview 10ed9558 6013 4229 a84b aa0b23306738
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Coming in a little low....

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It snowed in Texas last night. Here’s what the traffic message boards told us.

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Shitty Bird Shot

Preview d119da3a 84f8 4d27 bcff e1392f74616f

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