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Cutiepie im Tibet

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Eclipse on a plane's wing taken from Kew Gardens, London.

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11 points

Navagio Beach on the coast of Zakynthos, Greece

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10 points

This bird decided to burst right out of the sun, spreading his wings perfectly straight

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Perfect timing of waves cresting

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11 points

Before and after photos of I-10 near Beaumont, Texas.

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14 points

Tornadoes near Sochi

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14 points

Earth at Night

Preview 5ea71ad2 3ece 419a 949b 775735d56d9f
16 points

Hurling a thermos of hot tea at -40°C/F near the Arctic Circle by Michael Davies

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15 points

Jet fuel can't melt seel beams

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16 points

Eclipse landscape Hartsburg, Missouri

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13 points

The Picture of The Night Sky I Took At The Countryside.

Preview f214c319 f171 4fb3 a4d7 5e3ada3be4c7
7 points

City Library in Stuttgart looking like a chamber of awesomeness

Preview ac0245ac d262 4038 85ca 92039409bc7d
15 points

Why giraffes can't play hide and seek

Preview 8bb96cbb 286e 42bd 8e38 871771fd5ba6

Madeira Island, Portugal

Preview 1ed52d83 0ae0 421c 8df6 223ef338d336
10 points

Cloud Tree

Preview 2f26b251 2061 4f7b b67c af6a76f50045
8 points

Eclipse as seen from Nebraska

Preview 5f7b68dc 31ef 48b0 83fb b1b72457d097

Just Landed in a Lightning Storm in Vegas, Managed to Take This

Preview 1e087b08 6d93 4aa6 9b11 6af5ccf1efe4
9 points

I friggin love this movie

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