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The Shenzhen Airport is shaped like a plane

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172 points

Never disappointed in Arizona

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245 points

You do what?

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215 points

If you see someone drowning lol

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167 points

Google isn't a snitch

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106 points

Steve Irwin the legend

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90 points

Back in the day.

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91 points

Lmao true

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107 points

Explain this please !?

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113 points

Beautiful lightning near Bulgakovo, Russia

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This veterans day memorial is only fully visible on 11/11 at 11:11 each year

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165 points

Close enough

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169 points

Found the most ridiculous street name yesterday.

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251 points

I love my hometown :-)

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157 points

In Israel we have 2 Towers Hugging

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132 points

As a European I will never understand why....

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167 points

Slam dunk

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No vegetarian meal ...and now this!

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