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Not making the same mistake again

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138 points

Really specific speed limit!

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132 points

A worthy opponent.

Preview 368505d7 db6e 495b a255 1c94886355d8
131 points

The part you do not see

Preview e21eee07 c3b1 439d a595 af1e7984ac9c
284 points

Spot the black Labrador

Preview 4e9b19fc 3862 469b 96b6 ce2b0116113f
127 points

No thanks

Preview 9def8c44 fc56 4258 a0a3 4a51ce22358c

Thought this might be appreciated

Preview 5e5645af 818c 4080 885e 803548c8111c

Capitalism meets sarcasm

Preview 55cc00a1 a743 4f2a 8206 4dfec1c49aba
165 points

Well planned Department.

Preview 8f47e01b 3d2a 4087 b521 8979854c75d6
168 points

Neymar's airplane

Preview c7c1c47f 2883 44e6 b708 5eee435b2a5b
145 points


Preview ed178568 891e 486b aeed 2d8a50e1b239
195 points

Penis Lights Pulled up to an intersection and all I could see across the line were giant penises with red balls.

Preview 4b59c250 d844 4dcc 9165 b588dacab6aa
160 points

Despite appearances we caught zero fish last night.

Preview 51792226 d1a4 4315 b2b2 a25b4133f2d3
147 points

The college of pizza cardinals are standing vigil

Preview d629e88f 8de0 4c67 b16f 5c1fb05c7ed9
171 points

Sweden keeping Russian submarines at bay

Preview 5899f423 adad 4d42 a55e fc625da6f68c
163 points

Who the fuck did this?!

Preview a9eb5457 a2d2 4698 9f2c 36e17c79b293
121 points

“Promise you’ll drive slow”

Preview a6ec483b 8bbf 4625 b69b 946fe7c682e4
127 points

Don’t look down...

Preview 87f40788 16b7 4db4 a6b6 75e0afe5a8c4

Jesus is watching....what?

Preview b2290bad ad6b 4b6f 9cf0 9c72bafe1fb0
134 points

Always give 100%

Preview b2f94f15 f35d 4f99 a0bf 9b0741923f04
173 points

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