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I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

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This flying saucer

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Skyscrapers of Dubai poking through the fog.

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This waiting room in a New York hotel

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22 points

Apple Campus Russia version

Preview cb1a7b9b c26a 4231 a65e 77db16045405

A Seattle Ironworker, 1980.

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The Chicago Air and Water Show is much better from my cousin's apartment

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Hard to believe this is the Empire State Building in 1941

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Lightning strike in Kuala Lumpur

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Bridge Climb


Staple City

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This building looks 2D

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19 points

Looking down the side of a building

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For those looking for this wallpaper. (Cyberpunk cityscape)

Preview 31724f12 f6d9 4950 aee6 e104fbcd82fc
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When you hear someone talking shit behind your back

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Man films from the top of the world's tallest building during a sandstorm. I noped out when he leaned over the edge.


This photo .

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