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A guy that goes to my school I feel belongs here

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HK 360°

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Columbia Tower Seattle 1980

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Meanwhile in Brazil...

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Chillin on the edge

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photo taken from 33rd floor, no safety-anything. but it is ok, they were probably wearing saftely-flipp-flops.

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Great piece of art in my city

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Good grip

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On the edge with the entire city below

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The Interlace building in Singapore

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Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

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Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

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Incredible photo of a lighting strike over a Hudson River - New York

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11 points

Pretty much this entire video is sweaty palms


I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

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20 points

This flying saucer

Preview b6712b92 c2e1 42d7 acc8 a1ac15d1022c

Strange sound inside Chinese rollercoaster


Skyscrapers of Dubai poking through the fog.

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This waiting room in a New York hotel

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