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Glass floor in the Tokyo Skytree

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I like traffic lights

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12 points

Watch out! Art is highly addictive

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Chinese apartment with fake windows. china never disappoints me

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3 points

Be careful who you call ugly in high school....

Preview b2dfb597 ffc8 442c a34e 5d4209a6437d
2 points

The other side of Dubai

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This building looks like it was hit by a Creeper

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2 points

Jumping between buildings


James Kingston at it again


This building looks like a PS4

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130 points

Close enough

Preview 8c038fc9 ba2c 4a89 b7ce 12f7a93084d8
178 points

In Israel we have 2 Towers Hugging

Preview f3384700 fc9d 481e a8ed cff95065f44a
142 points

Vertical Forests that will be constructed in China to fight air pollution in 2018

Preview aa7101c2 1d9f 455f 8e34 c72a40c03584
141 points

Trust me I an architect

Preview 2aaeb396 1d51 40cb 8a6a 5af4f0d27708
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Preview e8e7b902 d395 42d0 88d1 e74b204836fe
168 points

Biggest bottle opener in the world

Preview 6367cd85 a586 4704 94d1 48fc7b811806
158 points

When you have the worlds best architects at your disposal but you go with your 8 year old son’s Minecraft design instead

Preview 75644ae4 93cf 4f93 a763 3fd913496585
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