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She tore up the toilet paper. Does this count?

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Shit’s going down

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99 points

When your dog is pissed about you playing games all day

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Could not be any happier...

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Took a picture of my friends cat jumping out of her arms

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He really didn’t like The Green Mile

Preview 52e76ed3 ae5e 416a afbc 3df2a3b4cfdf

It's not Olaf's day

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its your turn now

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64 points

A tragic story of trust and betrayal

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Game, Set, Match.

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85 points

"I forgot how to dog"

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120 points

When the two friends you introduced to each other start hanging out without you.

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118 points

safety first

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78 points

I'm bulking!

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We got new neighbors. They have dogs

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107 points

Me good boi hooman

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