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Waking my kids up

47 points

This couch hog-dog.

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Bed Comfort Level

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98 points

Can I please take a nap?

75 points

No it's ok, I don't need to study for that exam

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Our newest granddaughter was born 2 hours ago. Clearly she will be a handful.

Preview e8e7e00a 6cd2 42db 9bde d1f4ff38d8cf
138 points

She did this when I put Logan Paul on, no joke...

Preview 4c6080ed 0eb3 4718 90b4 0b81a49f48e9

My fiance took this pic that makes the cat look like he's made out of a head and just one massive arm.

Preview 5cf1beac f1c1 417a 9bfe f9e3957a96ff
134 points

My cat doesn't share pets.

Preview d1c9bdbe a22c 4289 bf89 9e7ec9b281c3

My cat's face when he's not sure whether to be an asshole or not.

Preview 99b5577d 5828 49d6 b7ba b993e7bc0cc5
106 points

Just as you sit down to do some work.

Preview 0a3aece7 5b63 46cb b42b b413bb470f79

I put up with a lot in this relationship

Preview 7eed294e 8f21 4f59 b50b fea0ff9b5fae

That was my bone..

Preview fc1a0634 06e6 406b 8ff8 b36f1a1cd85a

I put my coat down for two seconds

Preview 3fbfa741 7586 4ec8 baf2 cfa0c5c64661

When pigs fly

Preview 85571193 7fe8 40bf a0a9 846eea3cd33d
93 points

My pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Skittles isn't a fan.

Preview 520cdcd1 4aab 452b a3c9 5b17f1d27b15
77 points

Whenever there's loud noise, my friend's cat looks at us with a face like this

Preview 5fe7420e 9657 4fa2 9f4c 5ac744bd6619
93 points

I’m trying to read with headphones on. My cat pretends to be interested in cuddling. In actuality, this bitchass is just trying to play with the headphone cord.

Preview b86f4598 ddd8 4159 8077 4550a51e5981

Just broke my knee cap

Preview 58828511 d14b 4621 93f1 5e43885a9c2e
116 points

Is it okay if I rest my balls here for a minute?

Preview 048366e4 a2cf 45f0 986f 2aef3ea93e45

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